Tuesday, April 22, 2008

sweet release

I AM FINALLY DONE WITH FINALS! my life is care free for the next four months...glorious. my plans for this summer include getting tan (graduating from pasty to pale), working at shade, trips home to colorado, having a lemonade stand, driving the pch (pacific coast highway), picnics up provo canyon, sewing dresses, re-decorating my apartment, eating strawberries and cream pie for every meal, hanging out with the milnes, eating crepes on my balcony with sarah while listening to french music, refining my photography skills, and the list goes on. it's pretty much going to be the most precious/greatest summer ever.

i have been so busy with finals and such that i haven't been able to write about last week's episode of the office. JIM IS GOING TO PROPOSE TO PAM???!!!!! and not to me? oh, if only life were that perfect. anywho, i can't believe it. i'm not gonna lie, i almost fell for his little fake-out on the sidewalk. i sat there in the fetal position and screamed at least twice--wow, that sounds quite pathetic. oh jim, why must you have this effect over me?

to ramble on even more, i watched the movie lars and the real girl, i am still not quite sure what to make of it. i also saw the movie nancy drew. can i just say that emma roberts is precious? she is too cute. the movie made me wish i dressed in 50s clothes, had a precious boyfriend named ned, drove a cute little roadster and went around sleuthing, all at the age of 16. oh to be a teenager again. lindsey and i thought it was so good we watched it two nights in a row. we are so cool.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

a little jackson pollock anyone?

for our humanities class, sarah and i had to make jackson pollock-esque paintings. we decided to get colors that would match our apartment so we could display them after we turned them in. this is what we came up with, we were pretty pleased. mine is on the left and sarah's is on the right.

Sunday, April 13, 2008

back in business

well, the office came back on thursday. i loved it. i have really felt a void in my life without any new episodes over the past few months and my roommates and i have been watching the past seasons' episodes over and over--luckily they never get old. anywho, the new episode was hilarious and filled with awkward moments and as usual, i felt bad for michael the entire time. now i know what i'm doing every thursday night for the next little while.

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

good clean fun

i saw the movie be kind rewind this weekend and it was HILARIOUS. there were points in the movie i laughed so hard, i cried. not only was it funny, but it was also a clean, feel good movie. it was in our dollar theater, so you better go see it before it goes out of theaters...i highly recommend it!

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

flashback to my childhood

my friend jason bet me i couldn't sit in this box for 10 minutes and i foolishly said i could. he then tortured me for 10 minutes straight...pretty much the most terrifying experience of my life.