Tuesday, January 29, 2013


i'm fairly certain that all i've ever wanted in this life is to have luscious hair. and i think i may have figured it out.  keep reading if you want to hear my secrets. (i also have a theory that these aren't really secrets and that everyone else probably knows about this.)

my theory is that having pretty hair comes from a combination of 3 things: regular trims, product, and process.

#1: regular trims
i used to only get my hair cut when i would go home to colorado, like very six months.  yikes!  in my defense, i was a poor college student and my sister, shea, would do my hair for a really great price (free), the only catch was that we didn't live in the same state so i went far too long between cuts.  once i had a job and felt like i could afford it, i started paying to get my hair cut on a more regular basis.  i found a hairstylist that i like (siara @ shep studio in provo) and decided to get my hair trimmed every two months.  i have long hair so i can go a bit longer between cuts.  since i am getting my hair trimmed regularly, the ends don't get as bad and siara just gives me baby trims (she knows how attached i am to my long hair).  i leave the salon happy, with long luscious hair.

#2: product
since i have always had access to professional products, i'm kind of a product snob.  especially when it comes to shampoo and conditioner.  i also color my hair and have a hard time retaining color so i only use certain shampoos and conditioners.  up until a couple months ago i was using enjoy volume shampoo and conditioner and it worked quite nicely.  when i went home for thanksgiving shea suggested i try the guy that created pureology's new line, color proof.  

can i just tell you how amazing this shampoo and conditioner is?  i use the volumizing line and it is seriously awesome and very conditioning - even the shampoo makes my hair feel soft without feeling weighed down.  my color looks great and i also feel like it is enhancing the shine.  i also use a deep conditioner once a week to help strengthen and repair my hair.  i'm still using enjoy's hair mask.  i have tried using the brands they sell at the grocery store and they all left my hair with tons of static, faded color, and super dry ends.  yuck!

up until the past year or so, i didn't really use any styling product in my hair besides a tiny bit of argan oil after styling and occasionally some hairspray. whoops!  apparently it's important to protect your hair!  every time i left siara's chair i felt like my hair just looked so awesome and i just wanted my hair to always look that awesome.  so i studied what she did to style it and tried to replicate it at home.  my hair improved, but i was still having to straighten my hair all the time and it just didn't look as great as when she did it.  it occurred to me that maybe the product she used in my hair had something to do with the results so i took the plunge and bought them.  and boy did they make a difference.
first, i spray bumble and bumble styling lotion all over my hair while it's really wet (right after i get out of the shower).  the bottle says to "saturate" so i try to be generous but it's also not cheap so i try to not waste it.  then i comb out my hair. a bottle lasts me about 2-3 months, i'm sure it lasts longer if your hair is shorter than mine.
next i use bumble and bumble straight blow dry on the first 5-6 inches of my hair.  it is so light that it doesn't make my hair greasy.  i use about a dime size amount rubbed between my hands.  after that i apply 2 pumps of bumble and bumble hairdresser's invisible oil to the bottom 8 inches of my hair. my hair is a little more thirsty in the winter, i didn't need this as much in the summer. sometimes i'll use about 1 pump on my ends after blow drying, but i usually don't need it. both of these products will last me about a year, the oil a little longer.

#3: the process
i have really fine, oil prone hair and have to wash my hair everyday. it's kind of lame. but i just can't stand having greasy hair. my hair is also wavy/curly in places and i used to have to straighten my hair everyday.  well i am happy to report that i haven't even turned on my straightener since june 4, 2012 (is it weird that i know the date?). isn't that crazy?!  i don't need to use it, my hair is straight! here is how.  

after i apply all the products to my hair i blow dry section by section using a brush.  i usually use this paddle brush for straight, everyday hair.  if i want a little more volume or curl on my ends, i'll use my round brush (medium size). since the brush isn't too big i can get really close to the roots and they dry straight.  i use 100% boar hair brushes for blow drying because they make my hair shiny and there are probably other reasons why they're better but i don't know.  i have found that i get the best results when my hair is pretty wet before blow drying - my hair is straighter, has more volume and less frizz. i don't even get flyaways anymore!

my hair is longer, stronger, smoother, straighter, healthier and just overall better because of all the above.  it is kind of expensive and kind of a lot of work (about 15 minutes total) but to me it is totally worth it.  i don't think my hair has ever been able to grow this long because it has never been so healthy.  i feel like my hair looks good almost everyday, i honestly feel like i have beautiful hair and i've never consistently felt that way before!

the results speak for themselves!
okay, this isn't the most amazing picture but you get the idea.

Wednesday, January 2, 2013


i resolve in 2013 to be happy.

i resolve to start exercising to be happy.  not to be a certain size or firmness but just to be happy.  you know, endorphins and all that.

i resolve to be more conscientious about the things that i put in my body so that i can be healthy which will in turn make me happy.

i resolve to put my clothes away after i take them off to be happy.  a cluttered house = a cluttered mind. a clean, organized room = happy pudge.

i resolve to wash my face not just in the morning but at night too so that my face will be soft, beautiful, and happy.

i resolve to strengthen my relationship with my God which i know for a fact will make me happy.

i resolve to stand up straight and show the world my happy face.  after all my mom did always tell me that no one would want to marry me if i didn't stand up straight.  turns out she was right!  guess i should have practiced the piano too...

i resolve to figure out who this pudge person is, what the h she wants, and be happy with her.

i resolve to expand my mind and soak in the happiness.

i resolve to stop sitting around waiting and start making things happen, start living all those dreams and be happy.

i resolve to not dwell on the negative and focus more on the all the bright, wonderful, happy things in my life.

i resolve to live in the moment and to live this life with passion and devotion and be happy.