Tuesday, November 27, 2012

emotionally attached.

we've been together for nearly 18 months.  and 17 of those months have been well, quite wonderful.

i'm in love with my car.  isn't she pretty?

i mean, i even wrote a happy anniversary post to it.  to my car.  if that isn't true love, i don't know what is.

but you see, my love unfortunately isn't blind and i can see her faults.  like the fact that she is at 89,100 miles.  like her price tag when it comes to well, everything.  like that time i opted not to pay $1,500 to fix her water pump (those aren't important, right?) and then she got mad at me and overheated in the mountains 9 months later.  real mature.  that $4,000 (yes, three zeros) repair bill was super fun.  i totally didn't need all that money it took me all those months to save.  but you know, i suppose i kind of brought that one on myself.  note to self - fix things in red on the summary sheet at the car shop.

on that note, i have to get her rear brakes and tires done.  if i do that at bmw (which i'm not going to) it will be over $1,000 for both.  if i go somewhere else, like $400 for the brakes and i have no idea what tires cost, so maybe like $800 total.  when they told me this a few weeks ago i decided it was time to trade her in for a new car.

so i've been looking at other baby suvs.  i haven't test driven that many but every time that i have gotten back into my car at the dealership i just think "man i love my car."  i don't need all these fancy new technology things, except bluetooth.  i can't hold my phone up to my ear anymore.  you just can't come back from that.  i just want my car.  i love the giant sunroof, the perfect thickness of the steering wheel for my hands, the bluetooth, the heated steering wheel, the instant heated seats, the fake wood whatever stuff on the interior, how speedy and good at accelerating she is.  but with at least 40,000 miles less.  and with brand new brakes and tires that i didn't have to pay for.  is this too much to ask?

so pretty much, i have an emotional attachment to my car.  maybe that makes me ridiculous, but this is just where i'm at right now.