Monday, June 20, 2011

milne, bond milne.

everyone just keeps asking and asking me to put up pictures of bond. all right, all right, i'll put them up.

that was actually all a lie. no one has done anything of the sort, but i know that everyone is secretly wanting to see bond's gloriously chubby cheeks. and hands. and tummy. and thighs. oh and his luscious hair too.

brooke (his real mother) sent me this picture of him yesterday:
seriously? i just can't get enough of this kid.

remember how he looked like this just over two months ago?
i really feel bad for you that you never get to cuddle him.
but then i suppose i'd have to share and i've never been very good at that.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

so long, farewell

remember this post?

well the time for the civic and i to go our separate ways has come. i took my car in a couple weeks ago and found out that it has some issues that i felt like were more expensive than i wanted to deal with, so the car shopping commenced. i found a car that i really like and ended up purchasing. here are some not very good pictures of my last day with my best friend:
i wanted to take a picture hugging my car before i left it at the dealership, but i thought the salesman would feel a little awkward being the photographer for that. i had to sit in stand still traffic for 45 minutes (for no good reason - thank you, utah) on the way to pick up the new car. while i was sitting there i was thinking about leaving the civic at the dealership and never seeing it again. i literally started to tear up. we have spent 7 years together and it has been so great to me, gotten me through some of the most important years of my life. it was definitely hard to leave the civic.


i know what you're thinking, "how can paige afford a bmw?!" well people, it's used and i got a crazy good deal on it. i am seriously in love with this car! working was so hard today because i just wanted to drive and sit in it all day. i am very happy with my decision.

in other pudge news, i got a new job. i am still with the same company, just a different department. i am now a marketing assistant and i really like it so far. the people in my former department got me a cake and a card to send me off to my new position. it is bittersweet, i'm really going to miss working with everyone.

big changes!!!

Friday, June 3, 2011

drastic, i tell you!

if this weekend doesn't happen exactly like this photo and i am going to do something drastic out of my anger and frustration. unless the difference is that there are no clouds and it is warmer on saturday. in that case i'll do something crazy exciting, like buy a new car!

but seriously, utah weather. don't you fail me.
our relationship is already on the rocks.