Thursday, June 9, 2011

so long, farewell

remember this post?

well the time for the civic and i to go our separate ways has come. i took my car in a couple weeks ago and found out that it has some issues that i felt like were more expensive than i wanted to deal with, so the car shopping commenced. i found a car that i really like and ended up purchasing. here are some not very good pictures of my last day with my best friend:
i wanted to take a picture hugging my car before i left it at the dealership, but i thought the salesman would feel a little awkward being the photographer for that. i had to sit in stand still traffic for 45 minutes (for no good reason - thank you, utah) on the way to pick up the new car. while i was sitting there i was thinking about leaving the civic at the dealership and never seeing it again. i literally started to tear up. we have spent 7 years together and it has been so great to me, gotten me through some of the most important years of my life. it was definitely hard to leave the civic.


i know what you're thinking, "how can paige afford a bmw?!" well people, it's used and i got a crazy good deal on it. i am seriously in love with this car! working was so hard today because i just wanted to drive and sit in it all day. i am very happy with my decision.

in other pudge news, i got a new job. i am still with the same company, just a different department. i am now a marketing assistant and i really like it so far. the people in my former department got me a cake and a card to send me off to my new position. it is bittersweet, i'm really going to miss working with everyone.

big changes!!!


Jill said...

Woohoo!!! How fun! Getting a new car is so fun. Is that the same color as your moms? Congrats on the new job too. What an exciting week for you!

MacKenzie said...

i like it!

Anonymous said...

Wow Paige!! Nice upgrade!!!