Monday, December 19, 2011

does this make me a hipster?

my new glasses came in the mail today! i ordered them from and i am in love with them! i suppose one could say that they are hipster glasses, but they do indeed have a prescription so i don't think that counts. i ordered them in eggplant too and they are coming tomorrow. merry early christmas to me!

oh and sorry about the nudity in the background. the things that the milnes keep in their house...

ALSO i know what you're thinking right now, "why did paige take a picture of 25 professionally wrapped boxes of chocolate?"

well, guess what guys. i wrapped those puppies all by myself. today. i used to work at this place called scrappy notes (with my girl darcy) in high school and my entire job was to tie bows. so as you can see, i got pretty awesome at it.


Sunday, December 18, 2011

the horrors

going through my phone tonight, i noticed that i have shazammed this song twice. which means it is pretty awesome. enjoy.

Thursday, December 15, 2011

livin the dream at the milne house

(i hope the neighbors don't mind me posting their house all over the internet...)

Friday, December 2, 2011

the best kind of dance party partner.

instead of cleaning my room tonight, bond and i decided to have a dance party. and it was all kinds of precious fun.
who wouldn't want to dance all night with a giant 8 month old?

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

this season of christmas

the christmas season was not intended for getting up and going to work everyday.

i actually have that opinion about all seasons, but this post is about christmas.

i am supposed to be in colorado. i am supposed to be shopping, baking, and decorating with my mother. i haven't spent an entire christmas season at home in over six years and i find this to be very upsetting.

now, let's talk about how precious these christmas decorations are.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

my life is complete

there is a new marcel the shell video and it's quite possibly more adorable that the first one!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
"guess why i smile a lot."
"uhh..cuz it's worth it."

oh my heavens that is precious.

Monday, November 7, 2011

everybody's doing it

so everyone uses gmail these days. i have a gmail account but i really just use it for reader and occasionally g chat. the email that i currently use is a netscape email. i know, right? i have had that email since i was like 14. a few years ago it was taken over by aol so i guess it's an aol account now.

the main reason why i haven't fully switched over to gmail is because it has been ugly. but since they changed their look it is all cool now and i like it.

but i am still apprehensive to make the jump. i feel like all the good email addresses are taken and i'll end up with yet another "paiger"with an "87" on the end email like i have had for the past decade. trust me, i've seen what paige thomas options are out there.

and i don't like the ads in gmail. at least the few ads they have on netscape/aol are pretty.

now i need you to tell me your thoughts on gmail and convince me to catch up with 2011.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

well it's november i guess.

i haven't decided how i feel about this yet.

Monday, October 17, 2011

view at your own risk

i think halloween might be my favorite holiday. so i've been decorating our department at the office and here are some terrible pictures of it.
i just think it's so fun to hang up all these creepy things and get into it.

i also made monster photos of myself and the two brand managers that i assist and posted them around the office. here's mine:
nothing like a "vampire hamburger made out of babies" mmm mmmm.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

sometimes i get a little emotional

like when i'm sick. or something sad happens. or something is precious. or when i sing along to the chorus of that freakin weekend song by rihanna (i wish i was joking about that one).

or when i saw this lady gaga/google chrome commercial.

is that just me?

Thursday, September 22, 2011

adventures in finding a desktop background

so i just got windows 7 (we're really on top of all the latest technology here) on my work computer and while i was browsing their wallpapers i found this little guy:

isn't that just so terrifyingly adorable?

say hello to my new background.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

i miss college

i miss the energy on campus at the beginning of fall semester.

i miss reading the police beat and people's ridiculous letters in the daily universe.

i miss all those glorious naps i took at the back of the room in my post lunch classes. well, really all my classes.

i miss laughing with my clothing construction friends.

i miss meeting up for lunch and people watching in the wilk.

i miss walking around on campus and running into people. or seeing people i know awkwardly and pretending i didn't see them. (wait, what? i never did that...)

i miss how everyday was a little bit different and the excitement that comes from that.

i miss making fun of all the byusa people but thoroughly enjoying it when they had free food outside the wilk.

i miss buying school supplies. i think i miss this the most. especially since i actually have money to buy school supplies now.

i miss the spirit that is at byu. you are always with people that believe what you do, studying the gospel and there are opportunities to have your testimony strengthened everyday.

but let me tell you what i don't miss: student parking, studying for tests, the stress of not studying for tests, writing papers, procrastinating everything, never ending homework, having literally no money, trying to balance school/work/social life, and that constant feeling that there is always something that you should be working on for school.

i've only been gone for a month, but should i just move back to provo?

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

lstn here...

i downloaded urban outfitters' latest free playlist last week, lstn 15. if you don't already download these, maybe you should start. there are 25 songs on the playlists and some of them are weird but some of them are kind of amazing. over the past few years pretty much all of the songs i have been obsessed with i have gotten from these playlists.

for example:

"electric feel" by mgmt
"home" by edward sharpe and the magnetic zeros
"feel it all around" by washed out
"the shaded forests" by deastro
"basic space" by the xx
"tonight's today" by jack penate
"the reeling" and "cuddle fuddle" by passion pit
...and a lot more.

now on to the real purpose of this post. this song, "coming down" by the dum dum girls, is on lstn 15 and i am thoroughly enjoying it right now. maybe you will too?

and for your listening pleasure:
it sounds like it is from the nineties and i feel like it would be on an episode of my so-called life. but that might just be because it kind of sounds like this song in the most epic moment of the entire series, when jordan catalano (jared leto!) finally acknowledges his relationship with angela.

if you weren't like me and didn't have older sisters that were obsessed with this show when it was on, go watch it on netflix. it's only one season and it was kind of amazing.

but seriously, this song is pretty great. wouldn't you agree?

Monday, September 12, 2011

p.s. (paige + stacy)

look at these cuties
so young and innocent.
completely unaware of what the future held for them.

back when i was a freshman in college at byu and apparently wore my hair in a pompadour everyday, i lived in helaman halls. i had a roommate named stacy jean bingham. we didn't know each other beforehand but we became friends, the greatest of friends. we did everything together and people started to think of us as one person because we pretty much were. halfway through our sophomore year stacy decided to transfer home to the university of arkansas so we haven't gotten to see each other very much over the past 5 years.

our friend mickelle got married in salt lake last month and stacy came up for the wedding so we got to have a little reunion. we hadn't seen each other in three years and it was really great to get to spend some time together.

i miss her.
is it just me or have we kind of become women...? awkward.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

love notes

so i watched this video at work the other day (don't tell anyone that i surf the internet or blog while i'm at work like i'm doing right now...) and i may have gotten a little teary-eyed. or had tears streaming down my face while sitting in my cubicle hoping that no one would walk by..... ?

but you should watch this precious little video. such a touching story from elder scott.

Monday, August 22, 2011

so i just got home from seeing the help...

is it awkward that i am still crying?

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

movin' on up

and by "up" i mean "into my sister's basement."

with this guy.
i know, right?!?

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

say wot?

so orem high school has a radio station (91.7 kohs) and sometimes it's awesome. other times, not so much. but they don't play commercials! isn't that just glorious?

well i heard them play this song the other day and then i heard them play it again. and now i think you should listen to it. right now.
wasn't that just super weird? ...and you couldn't help but love it?
yeah, me too.

in other news, while i was putting away my laundry and watching a show on hulu tonight my computer froze like this...

Thursday, July 28, 2011

so i just got a text message

from at&t and now i'm irritated.

the text said something about the new unlimited text messaging plan that now includes free calling to any mobile phone. you probably got this text too? so i go to the website and it is the same price and everything so i'm thinking, "that's pretty nice, maybe they will finally let me drop my minutes and just have this plan."


i called at&t to ask them about it and this is why i am frustrated. you are required (no way around it) to have a calling plan, so i have the minimum of 450 minutes (unless you are a senior citizen, which they won't let me be), with rollover and 5,000 night/weekend minutes ($40). since my generation doesn't talk on the phone, the people i do talk to have at&t and because of the rollover, i have thousands of minutes that i will never use. i also have unlimited text messaging ($20)and since i have an iphone, i have to have data so i just have the lowest one ($15). with all the other fees, i pay $85 a month. i find this to be incredibly absurd.

i should really only be paying $35 + fees every month. i am throwing $50 down the drain every single month for minutes i don't even want. that is $600 a year. six HUNDRED dollars!

then i see commercials for all these other cell phone companies like virgin mobile that are unlimited everything for only $50. FIFTY DOLLARS!!! and you don't even have to do a contract!

but oh wait, i can't change even if i wanted to because at&t is run by the devil and i am locked in with a two year contract.


Tuesday, July 26, 2011

been missin this guy

so my brother nash is serving a mission in mexico for our church.

i miss him.
aren't we just adorable?!?

i missed him before, especially when i was the only child at home for christmas last year. but i really miss him now. he sent these pictures a couple weeks ago and all at once it really hit me, how much i miss him. i was fighting back tears while i was looking at the precious pictures and i thought "well, i guess i miss nash a lot now."
this is one of his favorite members. adorable.
he hit his one year mark last week, so we're half way. i hope it goes by quickly.

love you, nas gas.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

call me crazy, but...

i think justin bieber needs to fire his stylist.
i have no problems with the biebs but i seriously thought this was a girl with a pixie haircut wearing a pink suit. don't you think his stylist should be a little more sensitive to that? like instead of accentuating his delicate, petite frame and pretty features they should maybe try to dress him like a man? a boy even?

or is that just me?

Sunday, July 10, 2011

doin' it like a thomas

the thomas family gets together every other year at a different location and it is a lot of people and a lot of fun. this year we were in oceanside, california. it was so great to be with everyone but i had to leave the reunion early and sadly didn't get very many pictures of my family, which is the most important part! what was i thinking?! i apparently wasn't.

my reunion shirt. pretty much awesome.
the view from our condo.
the first two days were spent at the beach.
cousins kennedi and kolby
aunt lori, sister shea, niece london
for day 3 we drove up to balboa island. it is just too precious.
quick shot of the san diego temple on my way to the airport.

aren't families just the greatest?
i know mine is.

well hello there, lake powell.

i got to go to lake powell in june! i went with my sister, shea's family and their friends. it was a good time. though i will say that 13 children on a houseboat is a little more than i can handle... but still, lake powell is just wonderful.
i cannot believe london is 10 1/2.
it kills me that my baby is growing up.
this one (and rheagan too) is full of sass. and it's adorable.
this little boy was so precious. he was so polite and friendly. probably the coolest 10 year old boy i have ever met.
yeah... this is what our water around the houseboat looked like... nasty!
playing with my babies, rheagan and scarlett.
gotta love lake powell hair! and face...
nothing better than family and sun. which leads me to my next vacation, the thomas family reunion!

Monday, June 20, 2011

milne, bond milne.

everyone just keeps asking and asking me to put up pictures of bond. all right, all right, i'll put them up.

that was actually all a lie. no one has done anything of the sort, but i know that everyone is secretly wanting to see bond's gloriously chubby cheeks. and hands. and tummy. and thighs. oh and his luscious hair too.

brooke (his real mother) sent me this picture of him yesterday:
seriously? i just can't get enough of this kid.

remember how he looked like this just over two months ago?
i really feel bad for you that you never get to cuddle him.
but then i suppose i'd have to share and i've never been very good at that.