Thursday, July 28, 2011

so i just got a text message

from at&t and now i'm irritated.

the text said something about the new unlimited text messaging plan that now includes free calling to any mobile phone. you probably got this text too? so i go to the website and it is the same price and everything so i'm thinking, "that's pretty nice, maybe they will finally let me drop my minutes and just have this plan."


i called at&t to ask them about it and this is why i am frustrated. you are required (no way around it) to have a calling plan, so i have the minimum of 450 minutes (unless you are a senior citizen, which they won't let me be), with rollover and 5,000 night/weekend minutes ($40). since my generation doesn't talk on the phone, the people i do talk to have at&t and because of the rollover, i have thousands of minutes that i will never use. i also have unlimited text messaging ($20)and since i have an iphone, i have to have data so i just have the lowest one ($15). with all the other fees, i pay $85 a month. i find this to be incredibly absurd.

i should really only be paying $35 + fees every month. i am throwing $50 down the drain every single month for minutes i don't even want. that is $600 a year. six HUNDRED dollars!

then i see commercials for all these other cell phone companies like virgin mobile that are unlimited everything for only $50. FIFTY DOLLARS!!! and you don't even have to do a contract!

but oh wait, i can't change even if i wanted to because at&t is run by the devil and i am locked in with a two year contract.


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Mars said...

cell phone companies are the biggest rip off ever. At least At&t has rollover. With Verizon you're just screwed when you barely use any of your minutes. They purposely have plans with unlimited texting and data connected to a 400 min plan so you have to pay for it even though you don't use it. I think all cell phone plans should be a la carte and you can pick and choose only what you use. but that wouldn't make them billions of dollar by ripping all of us users off. I agree, THE DEVIL for sure