Sunday, July 10, 2011

doin' it like a thomas

the thomas family gets together every other year at a different location and it is a lot of people and a lot of fun. this year we were in oceanside, california. it was so great to be with everyone but i had to leave the reunion early and sadly didn't get very many pictures of my family, which is the most important part! what was i thinking?! i apparently wasn't.

my reunion shirt. pretty much awesome.
the view from our condo.
the first two days were spent at the beach.
cousins kennedi and kolby
aunt lori, sister shea, niece london
for day 3 we drove up to balboa island. it is just too precious.
quick shot of the san diego temple on my way to the airport.

aren't families just the greatest?
i know mine is.

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martha said...

love it! totally jealous of your sweet beach vacation. :) glad you're back though. we need to go get another shaved ice.