Sunday, February 21, 2010

"see you in another life, brother"

i have been watching lost nonstop for the past month and i am pretty much obsessed. i just finished season three today. this show really has (almost) quite literally changed my life.

at first i was all into jack and his scruffiness but he kind of just bugs me now and i find myself loving sawyer more and more as the seasons progress, but ever since desmond entered the scene, i have just pretty much been in love with him. i can't quite put my finger on it. maybe it's because he kind of looks like Jesus. it's probably more so because of his glorious accent and i just can't resist a scotsman apparently. or maybe it's because he can't seem to button up his shirt all the way.

i happened upon this gem on google images:
nothing like a man's shirt unbuttoned all the way down to the belly button. ridiculous.

oh desmond. i love you.


Keaton said...

!!!!!!!!! This was great to read! I love LOST and I am so glad you made it through season 3 (the hardest part is over) I might just have to buy you a stake after reading this post :) !!! Keep watching!!!

MacKenzie said...


Jesse said...

It keeps getting better!

Dez and Penny's story is just beautifulness.

MacKenzie said...

You need to watch this.,14394/