Monday, August 31, 2009

warning: several photos of the milne babies to follow.

i had the opportunity to live with my sister, brooke's family over the summer. school started today, so i am back down in provo and i kind of miss my babies. i mean honestly, our family makes the cutest, funniest, most precious babies in the world. the blandford babies are quite hilarious and precious too.

these kids look good in sunglasses.

how could you resist that beautiful face?

aftie just loves our grandma coralie.

afton said that i had to take them for a drive in my car before i moved out.
after about seven minutes afton was like, "i thought this was going to be a short drive." okay...

i am really enjoying being down in my apartment and with my friends, but i will definitely miss seeing these little characters everyday. afton said that she wishes i could just live with them forever. i told her that i couldn't and she said "well maybe you can just get a house next to ours and we could still see you everyday." someday aftie, someday.

Sunday, August 30, 2009

i'm just going to go ahead and say it.

i kind of have the cutest bedroom ever.

Friday, August 28, 2009

oh the weekend

what are your plans this weekend? i am attending a bridal shower and perhaps spending saturday afternoon at seven peaks, and then cousin dinner on sunday - it is going to be glorious. i also just may break out my jazz hands and dance around my apartment to this song. who knows? anything is possible.

via awkward family photos. my new favorite website.


in a recent interview about her upcoming movie, jennifer's body, megan fox said that she prefers kissing girls.
what she meant to say is that she is really, really trashy.

Thursday, August 27, 2009


mode is reopening for one day this saturday from 12 - 9. everything in the store is at least 50% off and they are even selling their fixtures too. glorious!

pretty please?

i really want to go to the killers concert in salt lake on the 26th of september. they are my favorite band and they put on such a great show. i love them. i have already seen them two-and-a-half times, so i am having a hard time justifying paying to go to another concert, but i want to go soooooooo bad.
a couple years ago i saw the drummer, ronnie vannucci, at the salt lake airport when i was getting back from christmas break. i didn't want to be lame and go up to him, but my friend convinced me to and the following awkward conversation occurred:
me: hey, aren't you ronnie from the killers?
ronnie: yeah, i am.
me: you guys are my favorite band. your music is so good, so mazel tov.
ronnie: mazel tov? (laughter) have you watched fiddler on the roof lately?
me: (awkward laughter) no, i just enjoy judaism. can i get your autograph?

yeah...i'm pretty awkward. "i just enjoy judaism" who says that? i should have just said, "no, i'm jewish." it wouldn't have been a lie because i am an eighth jewish after all. he was super cool and nice though. i am still so mad i asked for an autograph and not a picture. i had my camera with me and what good is an autograph going to do me? not much. he did write "city of salts" along with his signature on my baggage claim ticket, which was kind of cool.

the moral of the story is that i want to go to the killers concert. i think you should go too and maybe buy me a ticket??? i promise they will not disappoint and neither will i.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009


i just had a heart attack. cardigans galore at urban outfitters.
i really want this one.

Monday, August 24, 2009

done it again

j. crew has done it again. they put together a style guide for everyday of the week. click here to view it.

i am loving this ensemble, so cute in spite of the pearls. if only the skirt was just a little bit longer.

i wish i could live in j. crew.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

life is good

do you feel like in your early twenties you are constantly changing, growing, and just kind of figuring it all out? i definitely feel that way. it's just like, "really? do i really have that much more to learn and experience?" that sounds so naive, but sometimes i really do feel that way. i am just going through experience and trial after experience and trial, which we all go through during our entire lives on this earth, but i really just feel like it is intensified in your twenties, but it is just the beginning.

every few months or so i figure something out/come out of a trial/get over it and reflect on how different i am now compared to what i was before. i am kind of doing that right now. i recently found clarity to an issue that has kind of been consuming my life for the past while and i really couldn't feel better. i just feel invincible, i know that feeling will change quickly, but i want to enjoy it while i can. i have learned so much this past week and it has been right in front of me for months, but i guess i just wasn't ready. after finding this clarity, i have a more clear picture of the person that i am and what i want in this life. even though things don't go the way i imagine, i know that it is the best thing for me. i know that God knows me, i can see His hand in my life and i know that He has a plan for me. regardless of what i envision for my life, God's vision is going to win, so i might as well stop fighting it and just accept it. this has really been an awesome week, i am so happy about life right now.

this is the greatest song ever. it will change your life. dustin o'halloran's music is beautiful and so is he.

definition of perfection

laying in my bed.

rain outside my window.

reading a great book.

peaches for breakfast.

Friday, August 21, 2009

look at what i found...

so i love the soup and joel mchale, so you can imagine my excitement when i found this website.

while i was perusing his website, i stumbled upon the synopsis for his new show. how did i not know about this? let's add community to my list of shows i am looking forward to. i read like 2 sentences about it and am already excited. with joel mchale, chevy chase and the arrested development directors...this show is destined for greatness.

why didn't i think of a tv show about community college? it's so obvious but not all at the same time. this show is going to be HI-larious.

i'm not sure what it is, but...

can i please live on this album cover?

Thursday, August 20, 2009

what's the verdict?

male or female?

caster semenya is from south africa and she just won the 800 meter in berlin. people are speculating about whether or not she is a female because of her "muscular build and deep voice." i'll admit it, i thought she was a man before i read that she is a girl. how sad is that?

her coach didn't make it any better when he said, "we understand that people will ask questions because she looks like a man. it's a natural reaction and it's only human to be curious. people probably have the right to ask such questions if they are in doubt. but I can give you the telephone numbers of her room-mates in berlin. they have already seen her naked in the showers and she has nothing to hide." he is obviously a very sensitive person.

they are doing gender testing that takes like three weeks to decide if she qualifies to enter as a female. how does it take three weeks to decide what gender someone is. i always thought it was pretty simple, but i guess not?

what if she is like a hybrid of both genders and that is why she runs so well? i mean, anything's possible.

cooking crisis

goal for the new school year (or should i say semester since i am graduating in december!):
make nice meals for myself.

so...i am a little sick of crappy meals. i enjoy cooking, but it can be a little difficult because if i get home at 5:00 i am ravenously hungry and need to eat immediately, so i just eat the quickest thing which is usually top ramen and honestly, that 3 minutes really takes forever.

i also have a problem because i am only cooking for one person, how do you cook for just one person? i could make a big meal and then eat it throughout the week, but what if i get sick of it by wednesday and i have all this extra food that i have to throw out.

and healthy food is expensive and i'm a little monetarily challenged.

this is kind of a big dilemma.

methods for achieving this goal:
1. plan and prepare ahead of time
2. recruit roommates to do meals together
3. make a menu/list of ideas for meals and all the things i know how to make

my other question: where do you get recipes? i feel like i can only trust recipes that my mom uses, but i know there have to be other good recipes out there. are recipes on the internet trustworthy? please give me some of your favorite recipes. you can email me at (no, that's not paige r. thomas, it's definitely paiger thomas, gotta love 14 year old email addresses)

and my last question: how do i find low prices on good food? is coupon clipping really beneficial?

how do i do all this? what are your tips?

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

yeah, i know him.

so, zac robinson is the quarterback at osu and he apparently is doing quite well. ever heard of him? he went to my high school (chatfield senior high, go chargers! haha, gay) and we were kind of friends. we had a couple classes together and he said hi to me in the halls, and we're friends on i think that pretty much qualifies us as friends. is it slightly awkward that i have googled him before? okay, so i'm kind of a creepy stalker, but that is besides the point.

the whole reason why i am bringing this up is that he was on the cover of sports illustrated last week. pretty big right? click here and you can read about it, and there's a video. he is becoming quite the big deal because wikipedia said that he is "on pace to become the greatest quarterback in Oklahoma State history." if wikipedia says it then it is true.

moral of the story is that i know someone that is quickly becoming famous, our booths were right next to each other in photo freshman year. pretty awesome.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

great news

i found my cardigan.

someone took it to the lost and found. apparently seconds after i dropped it, which is slightly irritating.

but now i have my favorite cardigan and i couldn't be happier.

Monday, August 17, 2009

bad news

in the words of my 4 year old niece, "this is my worst life ever."

this morning it was like fifty-five degrees when i was walking to work from my car that was oh so conveniently parked half a mile from campus, so i wore my favorite cardigan that i got at the beginning of the summer. i kind of loved my ensemble this morning: oatmeal cardigan, heather gray tee, white dress pants, gold sandals, turquoise ring and gold/coral bangle from j. crew. sounds pretty cute, right? i thought so.

when i finished work at 12:00, i took off my cardigan and slung it over my purse as i made the trek back to my car. i got to my car and discovered that my cardigan was missing. i gasped and exclaimed "crap" or "shoot" (or something else to that effect), put my purse in the car and then began to retrace my steps. i walked the path twice that i had just taken only minutes prior, and my cardigan was nowhere to be found. it was the perfect cardigan - went with everything, kind of had a goldish hue to it, perfect length and it even had two little pockets on the front.

i'm pretty distraught about it.


sorry alex beazer. this post is completely about clothing, so you can just stop reading right now.

as i mentioned in my previous post, i am very excited for fall clothing. for the past month i have been compiling a list of fall essentials...

the jeans. these are my fall jeans, so cute right? i saw them on urban's website and just knew i had to have them and they were on sale, so martha and i promptly went over to buy them. and they are so cute. they are levi's and the color is "eyeliner." i have decided that i am going to be one of those people that tucks shirts into jeans this fall and how cute would this shirt be tucked into these jeans?
the answer to that question is very cute.

i really want some brown boots and aren't these fryes just divine? this could be me, how precious. oh wait, fryes are really expensive. but wouldn't they be a good investment? anyone want to invest in me wearing these boots around town?

fair isle sweaters. i really want one, they just look so precious and comfortable.

i am trying to stray from t-shirts everyday and i love how this top can be casual and effortless, but you can dress it up all at the same time. it's kind of the perfect shirt.

yes, i have an obsession with plaid. but how cute am i going to look walking around campus everyday in this little number? pretty darn cute until i see 50 other girls with the same jacket because i bought it at the nordstrom anniversary sale. fmfo (think about it for a minute, if you know me pretty well, you'll figure it out).

the sartorialist book is out now. i need to get this book and get outfit ideas so i can look oh so chic everyday.

since i am now an adult, living on my own, my mom doesn't take me school shopping for new clothes. i unfortunately have no money but really want new clothes. what's a girl to do? i would be willing to let you take me school shopping...pretty please? i'll make it worth your while...

what are the fall essentials you need for your wardrobe?

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

season of newness

fall is my favorite season and it is fast approaching, i can't wait. everything feels new in the fall, new clothes, new people, new classes/jobs, and new television. my favorite aspect of fall is the new clothing, but i'm saving that post for another day. a close second is new seasons of tv. i feel like i have barely watched any tv all summer and i am highly anticipating some new good shows to watch. here is my list of television shows i am looking forward to this fall:

project runway. season premier is aug. 20 on lifetime, i'm not sure how i feel about that
the office, of course. season premier is sept. 17 on nbc
how i met your mother. season premier is sept. 21 on cbs
fringe. season premier is sept. 17 on fox. i just watched the first episode of this and it was so good, like a much less cheesy x-files
glee. season premier is sept. 9 on fox. watch the pilot here. this show looks precious.

what shows are you looking forward to?

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

reader's forum

i am growing to love the daily universe. last week this letter was in the reader's forum:

I was horrified by the photo of Michael Phelps that appeared in The Daily Universe on Monday. Phelps, a rather muscular and good looking man, was shown shirtless along with another attractive swimmer.

Doesn’t The Daily Universe understand the women of BYU’s campus cannot lead virtuous lives with clean thoughts when they’re presented with pornography at every turn?

What makes this problem even worse, though, is the fact that male sports teams all across campus routinely practice with their shirts off. Perhaps men, in their own purity and innocence, don’t understand how the female mind works. Seeing a woman in a bikini has no effect on a man, so he doesn’t understand what it does to a woman when she sees a topless man.

Let me explain: unlike men, we can only control our thoughts to a point. When men walk around half-naked, they turn themselves into pornography, and thus they tempt us.

So, out of my deep love and respect for the men on this campus, I beg them: please stop turning yourselves into pornography. Show yourselves enough respect to cover up and save the sight of your naked torso for your wife. Besides, women need you to be the gate-keepers of chastity.

-Emily BelangerLee, N.H.

at first i thought this girl was serious and then i thought she had to be kidding, but i still wasn't quite sure until i looked on the daily universe website. click here to read all the responses. i don't know if you will, but i got quite a kick out of what some of the squares at byu said. some people just need to relax.

Monday, August 10, 2009

that's a little racist

i got this sample of a tinted moisturizer from sephora a while ago and i thought i would try it out this morning. it was a little too c. thomas howell in soul man for me.

it was one of those "one color fits all" tinted moisturizers. i'm going to have to disagree.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

plaid shirts required

one good thing about utah is that there is a fair pretty much every weekend. i don't know if there were fairs in colorado, but i never went to one until i came to utah.

post river trauma, we decided to go up to the weber county fair in ogden and we had a great time. don't worry the plaid is not a coincidence.

i think this was called a scottish highlander. it was kind of huge and precious.
i had to wait like five min. for this woman to stop petting it so i could take a picture. gross.

this cow smacked her with its ear about half a second later.

lindsey's a little timid now.

this thing was huge.
all i remember is that it was from brazil.

i am apparently really pissed that this goat won't look at me.

these goats really loved each other.

i swear this animal doesn't have a head.

karaoke. terrifying.

but seriously, does anyone have any milk?

we went to a ysa thing at the u after.
that explains the expression on my face.

fool me once, shame on you. fool me twice, shame on me.

i hate the provo river. and i'm pretty sure it hates me because i haven't heard of anyone else having as much bad luck on that river as i have.

last summer we floated the provo river when stacy came to visit. we had fun, but it was also horrible because we weren't very good at navigating and kept screaming as we ran into every single rock and tree along the way. oh, and when we almost drowned that wasn't very enjoyable either. but we did still have fun, it was like a crazy little adventure. at least that's how i remember it.

i decided it would be a good idea to join lindsey, andrea and the ward to float the provo river yesterday. i had kind of been wanting to do it again and it was going to be free, so i jumped at the opportunity. this was a giant mistake. it has been blazing hot lately but we chose to go on the coldest day of the summer. i knew it would be cold, but i thought maybe that would just add to the adventure. it sure did.

andrea, lindsey and i started down the river in our tubes. we didn't want to get separated, so we held onto each other. the water was pretty darn cold, but we were okay once our body parts started to go numb. then as we are just floating down and minding our own business, this family comes by on a raft and they thought it would be a good idea to throw buckets of glacier water on us. they just laughed and laughed because apparently we didn't look cold enough or wet enough.

it seems that if you hold onto each other's tubes it is more difficult to navigate, but we didn't figure this out until about half way, so we ran into everything and it was quite painful, especially because we were so cold. then we got stuck by this huge branch, so we just thought we could push off it and go on our merry way. ummm, that isn't exactly what happened. andrea got sucked under the branch and her tube capsized. i literally was thinking, "oh my gosh, andrea is going to die." seconds later i get sucked under, then lindsey right after me. as the current dragged me along all of the rocks at the bottom of the river (thank goodness it was shallow, otherwise i most likely would have drowned) i was trying with all my might to hop back onto my tube, and i just couldn't do it for the life of me. i was pretty much terrified at this point and finally was able to get on.

then it came time to get out and walk around the bridges. since i had just gotten drenched from head to toe, i was so cold i could barely use my muscles to lift my tube and get out. with some help i was able to get out and put my flip flops back on and start walking, which is really painful from all the dragging and my big toe was bleeding. a good looking and nice man noticed our uncontrollable shivering and the flatness of our tubes and offered to pump them up for us, which made a huge difference. he was really nice and told us he couldn't believe they let us go out because we could get hypothermia. for reals. we didn't stop shaking the entire time while he was talking to us and pumping up all of our tubes.

we got back in and had learned our lesson, so we didn't connect tubes and ended up doing the last half of the river alone. i don't think i have ever prayed that much in my entire life. i paddled the entire time and kept asking Heavenly Father to help me get down as quickly as possible because i was not having fun, and to help me navigate so i wouldn't get hurt anymore. Heavenly Father answers prayers guys, because i didn't have anymore complications and i got down that river pretty darn fast. it isn't too much fun doing it alone, and it also isn't very fun when little boys sitting on the rock you can't get away from think it is really funny to splash you. i was so annoyed and of course yelled at them as i floated away. "thanks a lot, reeeeeallly appreciate it."

i got to the end and was luckily able to get out without any complication, unlike the first time. some man helped me put up my tube and another guy laughed at me while i was convulsing at the side of the river waiting for lindsey to get out so i could get my towel. we sat in the car with the heat on and i really don't think i stopped shivering until i got home. my arms are chafed from all the paddling and my whole body hurts. i'm slightly bitter.

in summation...if i ever suggest we float the provo river, please refer me back to this post.

*this was really long, so if you made it the whole way, you can have a prize.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

r.i.p. john hughes

goodbye john hughes. you have touched every one of our lives so deeply with your cinematic genius. you will be missed. i grew up watching your movies with my older sisters and i'm pretty sure they are some of the best ever made, especially my favorite movie ever...sixteen candles.

and thank you for introducing perfection into my life that no real man can ever live up to...

oh jake ryan. you will always have my heart. love you.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

paper heart

okay, okay. this is kind of precious.

pudge thoughts

i don't know how i feel about this.
we are definitely having a party like this one at our apartment when school starts. let the awkwardness begin.

really? 61 times? i don't know if this story is more ridiculous or sad.

have you seen this poster? definitely creepy.

so tony romo broke up with jessica simpson. i am still hoping for her to get back together with nick lachey. they were just so precious together. all i know is that every saturday in high school i watched marathons of the newlyweds on mtv and it was pretty much amazing. and apparently since nick's break up with vanessa manillo he has been rebounding with some girl that looks like jessica. why can't these two just realize they are supposed to be together?

meet the thomases

these are all of my sisters. i kind of really like them.
and yes, we are all wearing the same shoes.
we searched high and low for those moccasins.

my precious little brother, nash.
he's going to be a freshman at byu in the fall.
we're going to have a grand time.

i have pretty much the cutest mom ever.

a little thomas eyebrow raise action. my father taught me well.

notice how i don't look like anyone in my family...
was i adopted and no one told me? thomas family secrets.

thomas family reunion 2009.
this is my dad's whole side of the family (-4 people)...there's a lot of us.
for our reunion we went down to southern colorado.
this picture is in ouray, the prettiest little town ever.

i have pretty much the greatest family. i love them.