Monday, August 17, 2009

bad news

in the words of my 4 year old niece, "this is my worst life ever."

this morning it was like fifty-five degrees when i was walking to work from my car that was oh so conveniently parked half a mile from campus, so i wore my favorite cardigan that i got at the beginning of the summer. i kind of loved my ensemble this morning: oatmeal cardigan, heather gray tee, white dress pants, gold sandals, turquoise ring and gold/coral bangle from j. crew. sounds pretty cute, right? i thought so.

when i finished work at 12:00, i took off my cardigan and slung it over my purse as i made the trek back to my car. i got to my car and discovered that my cardigan was missing. i gasped and exclaimed "crap" or "shoot" (or something else to that effect), put my purse in the car and then began to retrace my steps. i walked the path twice that i had just taken only minutes prior, and my cardigan was nowhere to be found. it was the perfect cardigan - went with everything, kind of had a goldish hue to it, perfect length and it even had two little pockets on the front.

i'm pretty distraught about it.

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martha said...

aww, i loved that cardigan too :( sad day.