Tuesday, August 11, 2009

reader's forum

i am growing to love the daily universe. last week this letter was in the reader's forum:

I was horrified by the photo of Michael Phelps that appeared in The Daily Universe on Monday. Phelps, a rather muscular and good looking man, was shown shirtless along with another attractive swimmer.

Doesn’t The Daily Universe understand the women of BYU’s campus cannot lead virtuous lives with clean thoughts when they’re presented with pornography at every turn?

What makes this problem even worse, though, is the fact that male sports teams all across campus routinely practice with their shirts off. Perhaps men, in their own purity and innocence, don’t understand how the female mind works. Seeing a woman in a bikini has no effect on a man, so he doesn’t understand what it does to a woman when she sees a topless man.

Let me explain: unlike men, we can only control our thoughts to a point. When men walk around half-naked, they turn themselves into pornography, and thus they tempt us.

So, out of my deep love and respect for the men on this campus, I beg them: please stop turning yourselves into pornography. Show yourselves enough respect to cover up and save the sight of your naked torso for your wife. Besides, women need you to be the gate-keepers of chastity.

-Emily BelangerLee, N.H.

at first i thought this girl was serious and then i thought she had to be kidding, but i still wasn't quite sure until i looked on the daily universe website. click here to read all the responses. i don't know if you will, but i got quite a kick out of what some of the squares at byu said. some people just need to relax.


martha said...

i'm impressed she left her first and last name to that post. perhaps you could find out where she lives and we could put pictures of topless men all over he front door and windows.

= hilarious.

Mauri said...

wow she was serious when she wrote that?...

Sarah said...

me and jason loved this and loved the comments. that one guy comment killed us. i am proud to say that since i didn't cover ever piece of my body that I was walking porn. thank you.

paige said...

martha: i could totally do that because i am privy to that kind of information at work.