Saturday, February 27, 2010

"kittens inspired by kittens"

some friends showed me this video last night and i am still crying from laughing so hard.

you're welcome.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

so long, farewell...

well, after sixty-five years the creepy reams on center and 900 west in provo has closed.

they took down all their signs and these cool olds ads were apparently behind them. I decided to venture out of my apartment the other day and take pictures of them. i got some awkward looks from the passersby (perhaps it was the ridiculous man sweats i was wearing...there's really no way to tell) and i found that i am not very good at taking pictures anymore. enjoy.

i love sprite.
"easy in easy out" more like "one way in, one way out with lots of creepers in between."

goodbye creepy, creepy establishment.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

shallow musings

do you ever wonder what you are going to look like when you are old?

i love it when only the front part of women's hair goes gray and the rest stays dark, much like anne bancroft's was or diane keaton's in the family stone - minus the bangs. one of the ladies that works in the baptistry at the provo temple has hair like this and she is so precious. if my hair doesn't do this on its own (which let's be honest - it won't, because i already have one silver gray hair at the back of my head) i am going to color it like that so it does. and i am going to wear my hair long, very long. like a crazy lady, which i will most likely be anyway.

what do you want to look like when you're old?

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

i can't figure out who it was...

...but someone stopped following me today.

that really hurts.

sorry i can't figure out who you are. is that why you left?

if i do figure it out will you come back to me?

i promise i'll be better...

Sunday, February 21, 2010

"see you in another life, brother"

i have been watching lost nonstop for the past month and i am pretty much obsessed. i just finished season three today. this show really has (almost) quite literally changed my life.

at first i was all into jack and his scruffiness but he kind of just bugs me now and i find myself loving sawyer more and more as the seasons progress, but ever since desmond entered the scene, i have just pretty much been in love with him. i can't quite put my finger on it. maybe it's because he kind of looks like Jesus. it's probably more so because of his glorious accent and i just can't resist a scotsman apparently. or maybe it's because he can't seem to button up his shirt all the way.

i happened upon this gem on google images:
nothing like a man's shirt unbuttoned all the way down to the belly button. ridiculous.

oh desmond. i love you.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

unemployed and hungry.

so i've always kind of had a thing for meat. ever since i was a kid, i just love a good steak but really, who doesn't? weird vegetarians that are missing out on life, but that's beside the point.
as of late, i have been craving steak (and pretty much any flavorful food) like crazy. this is somewhat unfortunate considering that my diet consists of cereal, top ramen, pb&j, toast, cookies, and crepes.

last night i could have killed someone (a cow) for some meat and had to settle with pepperoni slices and oscar mayer cheese dogs. you read that right, cheese dogs. those hot dogs that are made out of mechanically separated animals and injected with some kind of "cheese" goo.

don't feel too bad for me though - i have a steak coming my way on april 22nd. just two months and five days.

though i would be willing to let you take pity on me and buy me a steak sooner than two months and five days.

Monday, February 15, 2010

oh michael.

remember how the character michael on lost is played by harold perrineau and how in pretty much all of season 2 he just says "they took my son" over and over and over and it got really annoying?

well, he also played the role of mercutio in the 1996 romeo + juliet. i was reminded of this the other night when it was on tv and i had a good laugh at this part.

on a side note: if you haven't seen this version of romeo and juliet, you need to. it is quite a good movie in my opinion.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

dear zooey, can we be friends?

so i watched yes man this weekend and i was left with one question:

can i just be zooey deschanel already?

she has the cutest style and just seems so fun and cool. her hair is especially thick and luscious in yes man, which is (yet again) making me want to grow my hair out. and her voice, come on. if i could sing like anyone in the world i would want it to be her.

so zooey, can we please be friends?

happy valentine's day!

even robots love each other.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

from the mouths of babes

i just had the following conversation with my four-year-old nephew, grayson:

grayson: i share my toys with my brother (he doesn't have a brother).
me: that's nice of you. what's your brother's name?
grayson: is jason.
me: so, is he your twin since your parents named you grayson and jason?
grayson: yes. but my name is jason too, we have the same name.
me: that's a little weird. do you have a sister too?
grayson: yes. her name is sally (her real name is afton).
afton: no, your sister's name is kalaa.
grayson: no. it is sally. and my dad's name is bear (david) and my mom's name is cute (brooke).

what a family of interesting names.
"jason" often talks a little robo-tronic which made this even more entertaining.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

dear summer,

please come soon. i can't wait to see you. if you want to come early, it would be greatly appreciated.

love, pudge

i am clearly not over this. i was going through all my photos from the past year because i got an offer for 75 free prints from shutterfly (sorry, it ended yesterday) and i am longing for summer more than ever.

this picture was taken the night before my cousin mckenzi's wedding in arizona last august, which is why i am sweating my face off.
look at all these beautiful, tan, happy faces. not only are we sooo happy that kenzi is getting married, but it is summer.
with my fellow bridesmaid and cousin, the beautiful jamie thomas. so tan, so warm, so happy. now i'm cold and pale.

as i was sitting outside watching my niece and nephew play today, i thought back to the last time i stayed with them. it was early september, quite warm and i got to sit on the driveway and watch them play in the perfect temperature instead of freezing/sweating in 30 degree sunny weather.

just a few more months...slash it is going to take forever to be warm again.

Monday, February 8, 2010

just in case you were curious

i am going to tell you about the greatest moment in my college career. you're welcome.

it was fall of 2008, the first semester of my senior year. my "senior year" that lasted a year and a half, but that's neither here nor there. anyway, i was in a clothing construction class and my professor, the all knowing dr. burnham, was explaining the pros and cons of some hemming methods for the project we were working on. she was talking about a certain hem (i am pretty sure it was the blind hem) and she made the following statement:

"this is a seductive hem. it says 'do me, i'm easy.'"

holding in my laughter after she made that comment has to be one of the most difficult things i have ever had to do, especially as i looked around the room to find that either no one got it, or they were all just really good at keeping straight faces. the context just made it even better because it was in a room full of naive, byu, home and family living major squares. and i am positive that she did not intend for her comment to be taken the way it definitely sounded. or maybe i am just a little perverted, but that is also neither here nor there.

i quickly wrote down her quote so that i could treasure it for the rest of my life. i then proceeded to tell everyone that i came in contact with about it for the next several days, perhaps months.

thank you dr. burnham - not only have you given me a great education, but you have also provided me with the greatest moment of my college career. maybe even my life.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

not to brag, but...

i made these adorable pillows.

my sister commissioned me to make these pillows for her bedroom. they were all her design, but i did all the construction. as you are probably aware, i am unemployed and will do anything for money. so...if you live in utah and need something sewn, feel free to hit me up.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

really kate spade?

i knew i shouldn't have opened that email. too cute.

Monday, February 1, 2010


i am sure that you have noticed "doppleganger week" on facebook. while i refuse to participate in this on fbook, i somehow feel like it's okay on my blog.

well, the only celebrity that i have been consistently told that i look like (slash every time a sisterhood of the traveling pants movie comes out/is released on dvd) is amber tamblyn. i don't know how i feel about it.

i have also been told that i look like amy lee from evanescence (a.k.a. the gayest band ever) because she has pastey skin, dark hair and a fat face. just like me. the waiter that told me that meant it as a compliment, but i didn't really take it that way. i also got tina fey/liz lemmon twice in one day when i wore my glasses last week. really? i'm gonna have to disagree.

my grandma always says - and tells young boys that she meets - that i look like catherine zeta jones. that is very flattering, but let's be honest, i don't look a thing like catherine zeta jones. i have also gotten mischa barton a couple times which is also very flattering, but i'm not so sure i believe that i really do look like her. if i could be told that i look like any celebrity, i would want it to be rachel bilson because she is pretty much the most precious person ever and i want to be her.

apparently my non-celebrity doppleganger is in one of alex's classes but every time i ask him to get a picture of her, he fails. thanks for nothing. whenever someone tells me that they saw someone that looks just like me, i want to see that person because i am pretty sure that we all perceive appearances differently and i want to know what people think i look like. kind of weird to think about.

if you are also too cool to participate in this on facebook, you can leave a comment saying who your doppleganger is on this blog and feel safe. you're welcome.