Monday, February 8, 2010

just in case you were curious

i am going to tell you about the greatest moment in my college career. you're welcome.

it was fall of 2008, the first semester of my senior year. my "senior year" that lasted a year and a half, but that's neither here nor there. anyway, i was in a clothing construction class and my professor, the all knowing dr. burnham, was explaining the pros and cons of some hemming methods for the project we were working on. she was talking about a certain hem (i am pretty sure it was the blind hem) and she made the following statement:

"this is a seductive hem. it says 'do me, i'm easy.'"

holding in my laughter after she made that comment has to be one of the most difficult things i have ever had to do, especially as i looked around the room to find that either no one got it, or they were all just really good at keeping straight faces. the context just made it even better because it was in a room full of naive, byu, home and family living major squares. and i am positive that she did not intend for her comment to be taken the way it definitely sounded. or maybe i am just a little perverted, but that is also neither here nor there.

i quickly wrote down her quote so that i could treasure it for the rest of my life. i then proceeded to tell everyone that i came in contact with about it for the next several days, perhaps months.

thank you dr. burnham - not only have you given me a great education, but you have also provided me with the greatest moment of my college career. maybe even my life.


Nathan said...

Holy cow. Where was that class when I needed it?

I just got a bunch of dull monologues about public policy.

Of course, if I took that class, I would probably have to actually be able to sew ... so maybe it's better I stayed away.

Great story though. That would definitely have been my highlight too.

disco stu said...

That explains why I love the blind hem so much! I never understood until now...

Mauri said...

that is too funny!! Only in a BYU class would either no one get it or keep a straight face. I probably would have busted out & then been embarrassed when nobody else was laughing. Maybe I'm perverted too. But seriously this made my week. Thanks :)