Tuesday, January 26, 2010

look at what i got...

it's official, i am a college graduate. now i'm just waiting for the wallet size they send you so when people say "oh please paige, you did not graduate from college nor is there such a major as home and family living." i can whip my mini-diploma out of my wallet and prove them wrong. isn't that just a little ridiculous? do i really need a mini-diploma to carry around with me? i don't think so. and i took this picture on gordon's last night with us, our apartment has kind of fallen apart since he left us.

and guess what else? today is just pudge's second birthday/our blogiversary! happy birthday pudge, it's been...real.

Monday, January 25, 2010

my top 25

so my new friend johnny did the top 25 songs he listened to in 2009 on his blog and i decided to steal his idea and make a list of my own. and i even made a playlist of all the songs for your listening pleasure.

25. "this is your life" - the killers
24. "avril 14th" - aphex twin *
23. "jynweythek ylow" - aphex twin *
22. "tonight's today" - jack penate
21. "i know what i am" - band of skulls
20. "ceremony" - new order *
19. "fools rush in (kevin shields remix)" - bow wow wow *
18. "6 underground" - sneaker pimps
17. "flashing lights" - kanye west
16. "dance wiv me" - dizzee rascal & calvin harris
15. "colours" - calvin harris
14. "my weakness" - moby
13. "pumpkin soup" - kate nash
12. "breathe in" - frou frou
11. "home" - edward sharpe & the magnetic zeros
10. "feel it all around" - washed out
9. "opus 17" - dustin o'halloran *
8. "basic space" - the xx
7. "neon rocks" - calvin harris
6. "cry for you" - september **
5. "back in your head" - tegan and sara
4. "electric feel" - mgmt
3. "full moon" - the black ghosts
2. "opus 36" - dustin o'halloran *
1. "opus 23" - dustin o'halloran (which i listened to 138 times, kind of ridiculous) *

so, what did we learn? pudge is a little obsessed with the marie antoinette soundtrack (songs with an *) and apparently some of her favorite songs are a little embarrassing (i.e. **).

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what a shame

i give the office one more season, two tops. why do you ask?

flashback episodes are the demise of television series. last week's flashback episode proved just how far downhill this show has come and that the series is pretty much over. apparently the writers can't think of anything original anymore. i wish i was more upset about this...but i'm not.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

color me a party

we had our color party on friday night and it was (of course) a success. "what does a color party involve" you ask? well, quite a bit. all party attendees were instructed to wear all one color or several colors. i tried wearing all gray since it is my favorite color but it just wasn't quite jazzy enough so i decided to wear every color instead. once people got to the party, they had the pleasure of enjoying a playlist consisting of all songs with colors in the title and...

a wall covered in paper for people to write/draw on
a color wall for people to get their picture taken in front of
a streamer covered ceiling
candy separated by color (don't worry, i had recovered from my pink eye when i separated all the candy and i washed my hands several times)
and even gordon got to join in on the fun for one last hoorah before he had to go back to andrea's uncle's dark, cold, lonely garage. (we're all pretty upset...i can't even talk about it)
the party was pretty much awesome and you can click here to see the facebook album for more pictures - you can see them even if you don't have facebook.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

things to look forward to

seeing as how i am at home sick (and i actually had somewhere to go today, can you believe it?) i am sitting here watching reruns of the o.c. and trying to stay positive by thinking of things that i have to look forward to this week/the near future...

1. today is wednesday = modern family is coming on tonight. i can't talk about this show enough, have you noticed?
2. season 7 of project runway premieres tomorrow night. this show is seriously the one of the best things to happen to me and the world of reality tv.
3. we are throwing party #4 on friday night...color me a party. color walls, people dressed head-to-toe in color, color songs, candy separated by color...it is pretty much going to be awesome.
4. sundance film festival starts next weekend. let the celebrity stalking begin.

what are you looking forward to?

Thursday, January 7, 2010

warning: the following post is kind of/very shallow.

what do you notice when you look at these pictures (other than my awkward face in the first one)?

i am stinking pale right now. the first two pictures are from the end of this past summer and i am quite tan (especially for me), one might even say that i am a bronze goddess. and the last picture was taken just a few weeks ago.

don't get me wrong, i embrace that i am a fair caucasian and that pastey is my natural skin color. that's all well and good, but you know what? i really like summer and i like being tan, i feel healthier, more attractive and have a lot more fun. i have realized that i am not a fall/winter/spring person...i am a summer person. i hate being cold, i don't like snow, my skin hates me in the winter and i thought i loved wearing sweaters, but they are itchy and aren't quite doing it for me this year.

to remedy this situation i have decided to move to california. i just have to find a job and make loads of money first.

that shouldn't be too difficult, right?

in a moment of weakness

i started a twitter page.

so the one person that stalks this blog can now stalk me on twitter too.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

who da manny?

one of my many favorite manny quotes:
"i gave her my heart and she gave me an old time picture of me as a sheriff." from the pilot, which may have been the funniest episode.

though all of them are quite hilarious so it is a little hard to decide which one really is the funniest.

don't forget to watch the new episode tomorrow night at 8:00 on abc.

Monday, January 4, 2010

well, here i am.

i am back in provo after a whole lot of laying around, eating candy, laughing, and avoiding reality for the past two weeks.

i am done with college - yes, grades are out, it's official (i know you were worried, i was a little worried too). i can no longer retain my oh-so-cushy job on campus as a result of this finishing of college...so i am jobless. and if you know pudge at all, no job = no money because who has savings accounts these days? a lot of people you say? oh...well this is awkward.

so...what do i do now?