Sunday, December 28, 2008

"something smells dental. and nazi."

i had the pleasure of seeing the movie the spirit this weekend with my sister (eryn), brother (nash) and our good friend, matt. i thought the movie would be a lot like sin city and i was excited to see it because it is rated pg-13 and i didn't see sin city because of the r rating, even though i really really wanted to.

turns out this movie was a comedy? honestly, i really wasn't expecting it. i thought there may be a few cheesy lines here and there based on what i'd seen in the trailer, but no. it was seriously hilarious. samuel l. jackson was crazy and really funny as the octopus, which was a little surprising because i don't usually prefer him in movies. it just got more and more ridiculous as the movie went on. i was crying in a few scenes because i was laughing so hard.

the other reason i enjoyed this movie was a little man i like to call gabriel macht. he is such a fox. he really is the main reason i wanted to see the movie in the first place, and ladies let me tell you, he does not disappoint.

overall, i thought the movie was pretty good. a little on the stupid side, but very entertaining.

Monday, December 22, 2008


i have the cutest nieces and nephew ever.  and i'm not just saying that.  my sister, brooke, recently did a photoshoot of her kids-afton and grayson- and i don't think the photos could be any more precious.  click here to see the preciousness. 

Sunday, December 21, 2008

nick and norah's infinite playlist = no good.

honestly, one of the worst movies i've seen all year (aside from house bunny, but we all had low expectations for that).  i did not like this movie because...

1.  do these children have parents?  what 17 year old stays out until 4:30 in the morning in new york city without their parents harassing them to come home.

2.  completely unrealistic.  maybe my teenage years were much different than the rest of the world, but i never experienced the kinds of things depicted in this movie.  i had a curfew, parents who cared and i hung out with people my own age, not losers in their mid-twenties.

3.  disappointing.  i certainly hope that the majority of teens are not this casual about sex.  it was depicted as not a big deal and all of the significance of it was completely lost.  i also thought it was awfully perverted for a pg-13.

maybe i am naive to the way teenagers live now, but my adolescence was a far cry from the lives of the characters in nick and norah's infinite playlist.  i am glad my life wasn't like that.  all i can say is that i thought it would be this movie about kids listening to good music and michael cera being precious.  he really is so precious though.  anyway, i would not recommend this movie unless you want to lose faith in the world.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

the middle part.

for the majority of my life i have hated the middle part. you know what i'm talking about, when girls part their hair down the middle, gross right? wrong, or at least lately it is wrong. the main character on privileged played by joanna garcia always has her hair parted down the middle and it always looks so precious.

ummm how do i make my hair look this precious?  when brooke and i watch privileged together, the entire time we just talk about how cute she is and are dumbfounded by her middle part.  i'm guessing it has something to do with face shape?  or having a team of professionals style you everyday?  nearly everyday i try to part my hair in the middle and think it looks retarded and go back to my usual part on the side.  i just don't get it.

in case you don't know who i'm talking about, she's the one in the middle with the shimmery cardigan.

i'm also trying to figure out the perfect bun--any suggestions, frustrations, or complaints?  help me!  

Monday, December 8, 2008

explain it to me like i'm eight. no, explain it to me like i'm five.

oh my. the office was so good on thursday, one of the best episodes this season. if you didn't get a chance to watch it, please do. it will change your life.

some of my favorite michael quotes from the episode...

"I hate disappointing just one person. And I really hate disappointing everyone. But I love Burlington Coat Factory. You go in there with 645 dollars, you are literally a king."

"No, I don't-- this doesn't change anything. I have a very important decision to make. We need a new copier. We need new chairs. And I need to figure out a way to keep this money without having everybody hate me."

"Well, I swallowed all your ideas. I'm going to digest them and see what comes out the other end."

"You are the silent killer. Go back to the annex."

"What did we learn this week? Well, one, thanks to me, my team is much, much faster at coming to decisions than I thought they would be. Number two, never buy a fur coat with a credit card until you absolutely have the money to pay for it. And three, [camera pans out revealing a big red stain on Michael's fur coat] you should know that some people think it's cool to throw buckets of fake blood on you as you are walking out of Burlington Coat Factory."

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

typical mormon female blog entry about guessed it, twilight.

everyone's talking about it, so i guess i will too. twilight. i'm not gonna lie, i have been waiting for this movie to come out for months and was incredibly excited to see it. there, i said it. i'm obsessed with twilight. my roommate lindsey and i both got on an email list to alert us the second the tickets went on sale, and we purchased tickets (along with our roommate jen) for opening night which was last friday. we got to the theater an hour and a half early and had to wait in line and close our ears when all the people in the shows before us walked out and analyzed every aspect of the movie. luckily, we got in the theater without too many spoilers and we were ready. we tried to keep our expectations low, so as not to be too disappointed. it was actually pretty good, much better than i thought. i only had a few qualms with it. ummm, since when did edward wear red lipstick? and i know for a fact that bella always had pants on when she kissed edward. not once was she kissing him in her underwear as it was portrayed in the movie. there wasn't much in the movie that was the same as the books, but isn't that usually how it goes? i did really like edward by the end of the movie and i really thought he was going to be horrible, but he was precious. all in all, it was pretty good and i guess i would see it again. what did you think of the movie?

and now i want my hair to look like kristen stewart's. let's see if shea can do it.

Monday, November 17, 2008


my sister, brooke, tagged me on her blog yesterday and seeing as how i am avoiding doing homework...

8 tv shows i love to watch
the office
project runway
how i met your mother
kath & kim
america's next top model
arrested development-can i say shows that aren't on anymore?

8 of my favorite restaurants
cheesecake factory
red mango
flour girls and dough boys
the american fork pizza hut
costa vida

8 things i did yesterday
wrote in my journal (which is rare)
went to church
felt precious in a new outfit at church
ate dinner at brooke's house
played with afton and grayson
got caught up on my shows
tried to derail a train (slash flatten and lose pennies) with mark
had some good conversation

8 things i am looking forward to
going home for thanksgiving
life after finals with no school for 2 1/2 weeks
spending time with my precious family
history of apparel next semester
a new-to-me laptop from brooke
learning to use a mac
a bright future

8 things on my wishlist
perfume--is it odd that i am a girl and don't own perfume?
a good winter sweater
a plaid shirt for everyday of the week, nay everyday of the month
to worry less
for gas prices to stay down
jim halpert
for next semester to be less stressful
for the twilight movie to not be as disappointing as i am expecting it to be

8 people i tag
auntie megan
and i can't think of 2 more, so i'm only doing six

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

halloween happenings

halloween was kicked off the saturday before by a couple of mysterious ninjas that made a late night appearance at our apartment. it was terrifying.

the night before halloween, our ward had a dance party in the garage of our complex. here are all the roommates just after getting ready.

on halloween night, my friend mark and i met up with sarah and jason for sarah's brother, tim's party.

i don't know what i'm doing in this picture, but it's the only one i have from the party. here we are playing black jack...ignore the gambling indian stereotype. completely on accident.

since it was after all halloween in provo, we hit up a dance party for about 5 minutes. i told mark we would go long enough to take a picture and that's exactly what we did.

after all the parties we picked up alex (who was too lame to come out with us in the first place) and watched a "scary" movie called fear x. it was okay, but not at all scary, it was a little mistitled. we were going to go to a haunted house on campus, but the line was about 2 buildings long and it was starting to rain, so we decided to forgo waiting. all in all, it was a pretty fun halloween!

Monday, October 27, 2008

in response to previous post.

i posted the "just dance" music video without watching the entire thing and just now thought to myself, "maybe i should watch that whole video since i just posted it on my blog." and i did. and it is reeeeaaaalllllyyy inappropriate and i recommend not watching it. DON'T WATCH THE MUSIC VIDEO.

since the song is called "just dance" maybe you should actually portray people dancing. i know that seems like a radical idea, but maybe you should try it. what is happening to this world? why does everything have to revolve around sex? what are we teaching girls of the younger generation? that the only way boys will like you is if you're a dirty skank? i heard a disturbing story from one of my professors the other day...

a kindergarten teacher heard one of the little girls in her class say, "sex isn't bad, it just means you're pretty."

what has happened to this world that we are living in? i am terrified to have children and bring them into this toxic environment. between katy perry singing about kissing girls and liking it and britney spears posing naked in a music video that is shown on cable tv, i don't know what to think. where are these girls' dignity? it's embarrassing. what happened to the gentle and refined woman that didn't have to show all of her skin to get attention? does anyone have integrity anymore? is there any hope?

"just dance" by lady gaga feat. colby o'donis and akon

so i was driving down university avenue on saturday afternoon, when all of a sudden this jazzy little song came on (good songs on the radio? who knew) and i was instantly in love. i am assuming this is a new song, but it is very possible that it has been around for a few months and everyone is sick of it. the music video is a little...uh...interesting (slash dirty, close your eyes while you listen to it and ignore some of the lyrics). but the beat is really good. enjoy and "just dance, gonna be okay..."

Thursday, October 16, 2008

the dodson wedding

sarah and jason are officially married! the wedding was last saturday (the 11th) at the mount timpanogos (sp?) temple in american fork, ut. i was fortunate enough to be a bridesmaid and be involved in this special day. it really was beautiful, despite the freezing weather. I am so happy i got to be a part of it!

sorry about the closed eyes, but this is the best one i had.

haha, sorry caroline, i couldn't resist. we had a grand time decorating the getaway car.

such a fun day!

bethany jackman was their photographer and i can't wait to see all her amazing photos.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

what to wear, what to wear.

what am i going to be for halloween?

this happens every year. i have been stressing all week about the perfect costume, and i am having a really hard time coming up with something good. i have been a cat the past two years and it would be really easy to just do it again, but for some crazy reason, people keep telling me that i can't wear the same costume three years in a row. i don't know why, it's pretty much precious. but i guess they're right.

come on, cutest little cat ever.

my incredibly precious friend katie said that she was going to be an indian (i mean native american, or is it indian?) and i am thinking i am just going to steal her idea because i have long brown hair and it just fits, right?

any suggestions?

Monday, October 6, 2008

did you hear about this?

a couple months ago my sister told me about this guy in canada (of course) that killed the person next to him on the bus. this kid was just sitting there, sleeping all innocently when he woke up to the psycho sitting next to him stabbing him repeatedly all over his body. he eventually decapitated this kid and was taunting the passengers with the head while they were standing outside the bus, and there were little kids there too. how traumatizing. what would make a person do that? i mean, how do you get to that point? in the article, they said that the guy seemed normal earlier in the trip, but then he stabbed someone to death. i'm sure this is doing wonders for greyhound's business. click here to read the article, if you can handle it.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

the type.

people are always talking about what their type is. i wonder what exactly is my type and how i could explain it to someone. I can sum up my type in two words: jim halpert. if you don't know who jim halpert is (because you live under a rock), he is the character on the office that is played by john krasinski. so why this jim halpert character? this man is perfection. he is a precious square, meaning that he always does the right thing. he is hilarious, he is always playing these little jokes on dwight and they get me every time. he is not drop dead gorgeous by any means, but he is just so effing cute. the way he smirks at the camera makes me melt. about a year ago in the one spot at target, they had office supplies from the office and i of course went crazy and spent about $20 on 20 $1 items, and there were these i heart jim sticky notes, notepads and mousepads. it was literally one of the greatest moments of my life. i am not kidding, you can ask all of the people i called the moment i saw them. anyway, he is so completely in love with pam beasley, soon to be pam halpert (shoot me in the face). he is sweet, genuine, sincere, romantic, thoughtful, and wonderful. his proposal to pam was probably one of the most precious proposals i have ever seen. and to top it all off, he is just a normal guy, but i have yet to meet anyone like him. i love this man. but, he does have one enormous flaw...he is a fictional character, living in a fictional world that i cannot live in. of all the luck. so, just in case you were wondering, jim halpert is paige's type.

Saturday, September 27, 2008

death of a legend

paul newman died on friday of cancer. he was 83 and truly was a legend. not only was he an amazing actor and incredibly good looking, but he was also a philanthropist. look at these pictures and tell me that this is not one of the most beautiful men you have ever seen. that's right, you can't because he is the most beautiful person you have ever seen. he will be missed and i wish that i had been born 50 years earlier so i could have made him fall in love with me.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

catching up

i have been so busy and lazy (who knew it was possible to be both at the same time?) lately that i haven't updated my blog in a while, so i thought i would write about the happenings this past month.

at the end of august i got to watch my niece and nephew for five days while my sister and her husband went to mexico. we had a great time (aside from a few breakdowns).

painting their prizes for being good during the day.

you can tell he is having the time of his life based off his serious expression.

at the water park in provo, sarah was very nice to come with us and help me watch the kiddies.

grayson's prize one morning for following the sleep rules.

afton and grayson love their brownie mix.

learning about sharks at the aquarium.

we had so much fun, and did a lot. i am sure brooke is cringing at all of the messy faces/bodies.

other happenings...
-school is back in session. is that a good or bad thing?
-all of the boys from my freshman year are back from their missions and at byu.
-i am a senior in college! i cannot believe it.
-i took a fun little trip home to colorado last weekend with brooke and her kids. our whole family was at home and my grandparents too, so we had a nice little reunion.
-i finally saw mamma mia, which was hilarious because it was so ridiculous, very entertaining.
-fall is starting to set in and i am so excited because it is my favorite season.
-i threw a bridal shower for my friend sarah yesterday and it turned out really precious.
-two of my roommates and i drove up to sundance this evening and it was beautiful with all the changing leaves.
-we watched prom night last night and it was so retarded and incredibly predictable, yet i still shrieked, jumped, and covered my face with my blanket.

i am sure other interesting things have happened, but this post is just way too long.

Monday, September 15, 2008


i am overwhelmed. school started two weeks ago and i don't think i have ever been so busy in my life.

why do we do this to ourselves? why do we take on more than we can handle? i am taking 15 credit hours this semester and working 20 hours a week. everyone else takes that many credits and works just as much, if not more, so why am i complaining? i really have no good reason, i just am not used to being this busy. i try to talk to my parents about this and then my dad gives me his standard lecture..."i went to byu and took 18 credits hours and worked full-time and had a wife and child and graduated at the top of my class. so get over it, sister." i just roll my eyes and mumble something under my breath like "yeah, and that was 30 years ago" and then he won't believe that it is harder now. well it is. i just feel like if i am not in class, i am in the sewing lab or at work. if i am not in any of those places i am doing homework in my bedroom or asleep. how am i supposed to have friends? am i just supposed to throw away the funnest years of my life for school? i don't think so. but then i have to remind myself that i am here to go to school and get an education so i can go live in the real world (which is going to happen way too soon). what am i to do? quit my job? i would love to. too bad i am not a trust fund child and would have to live on the streets. the real solution is to just find myself a sugar daddy. i can probably "handle" all of this, but i don't think i will be able to do any of these things nearly as well as i could if i had enough time to spend on them.

can someone please feel sorry for me?

Thursday, August 21, 2008

sarah and jason

last thursday i had the pleasure of taking my good friends' (sarah and jason) engagement pictures. i have never taken engagement pictures before and it was a little frustrating for everyone at first until we found a very cool location near some train tracks in provo. once we found it, i was all inspired and we got some pretty good shots.

here are a few of the ones i have started editing out of the millions we took...

disregard the cars in the background, haven't quite gotten around to photoshop yet.

more to come!

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

oh you know, just a modeling gig

so, i was at work (i work at the shade store in american fork) on monday and was asked to go on good things utah to "model" some pieces from the fall line. after some consideration, i decided to accept the offer. a few months ago, i made a list of the necessities of my life/all the things i want to do, and be on tv was one of them and it's not everyday i get asked to go on tv, so how could i not accept? i got my sister, brooke, and one of my best friends, sarah, to go on the show with me. i was so sure that i would somehow ruin the show and embarrass myself in some horrible way, but it turned out better than expected. for those of you who do not live in ut, or know what good things utah is, it is a morning show here that comes on after regis and kelly. pretty much every stay-at-home mom in utah watches the show, so it was kind of scary. first i'm on good things utah, next thing you know i'll be on regis and kelly and be best friends with kelly ripa. i've got some big plans for myself.

you can watch it here (sorry it automatically plays every time my page comes up, i don't know how to fix it):

Sunday, August 3, 2008

who doesn't love a bucket of chicken?

on friday night, we decided to go up provo canyon and have a picnic. almost every time my friends and i are trying to decide what to do, i suggest getting a bucket of chicken and going up the canyon and this time we actually did it. there are few things that i love more in this world than sitting on a blanket in the grass and devouring a kfc bucket of chicken. there is just something so precious about having a picnic. glorious.

for some odd reason, brett refused to pose for pictures with us. i don't know why he wouldn't want to take pictures with a bunch of girls making kissing faces, every guy's dream, right?

lindsey thought that she was getting attacked by bugs and made jen scratch her back; apparently jen was really enjoying it.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

lake powell

last week i went to lake powell with my sister shea, her husband ian, and their girls, london and rheagan. baby scarlett got to stay home with nana and bumpa because she is too little. we also went with some family friends--the halls, two sets of halls actually, the tom and kristy hall family and john and laura hall. we had so much fun! i had never been to lake powell before and had always wanted to go. shea and i had a goal to become bronze goddesses, and i'm not gonna lie but we kind of achieved it. i would put a picture of our faces up, but we vowed not to share any pictures of each other from the trip with the internet world. so we'll just have to settle with this awkward one of my tan lines.

here's some preciousness...
i love my babies so much. have you ever seen cuter kids? i miss my family!

Saturday, July 19, 2008

stacy jean

last week my best friend stacy came for a little visit. we had a grand time playing around in provo. we watched movies, went shopping in salt lake, floated the provo river, had a picnic, went to the pool, played heartthrob, ate costa vida too many times, went to tucano's, ate shaved ice, the list goes on. and p.s., who knew that the provo river was so treacherous? we definitely did not. my roommate lindsey came with us and we almost died about 15 times. we all lost our sunglasses, lindsey lost her bandanna, and stacy and i both lost one of our flip flops. i can't even count how many trees and rocks we ran into, it was quite the adventure. it was not at all like the lazy river we pictured it being. when we got home and told sarah about our experience she said that she knew it was dangerous because her friend's mom almost died there, would have been nice to know ahead of time.

on sunday night we went up to the parking lot by the y as the sun was setting. who knew provo could be so pretty? we had a lot of fun together and since we haven't seen each other in almost a year, it was a sweet reunion.

Monday, July 7, 2008

4th of july festivities slash trip home to colorado

this weekend i decided to drive home to colorado and celebrate our nation's independence with my family. i met my parents and brother in breckenridge and we had a grand old time.

nash usually doesn't look so creepy...

these two are becoming the same person.

guess i was the only one that got the memo on making a stupid face. we got a little bored waiting for the fireworks to start.

on saturday i got to hang out with my sister shea's family. we ate dippin dots, watched a movie, and played rock band...three ingredients for a perfect evening.

but alas, i had to drive back to utah today (alone, for 7 glorious hours). this is a picture by a rest area in glenwood canyon, the most aesthetically pleasing part of the drive.