Tuesday, July 29, 2008

lake powell

last week i went to lake powell with my sister shea, her husband ian, and their girls, london and rheagan. baby scarlett got to stay home with nana and bumpa because she is too little. we also went with some family friends--the halls, two sets of halls actually, the tom and kristy hall family and john and laura hall. we had so much fun! i had never been to lake powell before and had always wanted to go. shea and i had a goal to become bronze goddesses, and i'm not gonna lie but we kind of achieved it. i would put a picture of our faces up, but we vowed not to share any pictures of each other from the trip with the internet world. so we'll just have to settle with this awkward one of my tan lines.

here's some preciousness...
i love my babies so much. have you ever seen cuter kids? i miss my family!


Mauri said...

I LOVE Lake Powell1! We go EVERY summer. I went over the 4th of July but am in need of a second. & Yes those are dang cute kids! I'm jealous of your tan. I'm stuck inside at a computer everyday working instead of out by the pool getting tan. lame

becky said...

Great photographs! I think you need to get a second degree in photography!