Tuesday, November 27, 2012

emotionally attached.

we've been together for nearly 18 months.  and 17 of those months have been well, quite wonderful.

i'm in love with my car.  isn't she pretty?

i mean, i even wrote a happy anniversary post to it.  to my car.  if that isn't true love, i don't know what is.

but you see, my love unfortunately isn't blind and i can see her faults.  like the fact that she is at 89,100 miles.  like her price tag when it comes to well, everything.  like that time i opted not to pay $1,500 to fix her water pump (those aren't important, right?) and then she got mad at me and overheated in the mountains 9 months later.  real mature.  that $4,000 (yes, three zeros) repair bill was super fun.  i totally didn't need all that money it took me all those months to save.  but you know, i suppose i kind of brought that one on myself.  note to self - fix things in red on the summary sheet at the car shop.

on that note, i have to get her rear brakes and tires done.  if i do that at bmw (which i'm not going to) it will be over $1,000 for both.  if i go somewhere else, like $400 for the brakes and i have no idea what tires cost, so maybe like $800 total.  when they told me this a few weeks ago i decided it was time to trade her in for a new car.

so i've been looking at other baby suvs.  i haven't test driven that many but every time that i have gotten back into my car at the dealership i just think "man i love my car."  i don't need all these fancy new technology things, except bluetooth.  i can't hold my phone up to my ear anymore.  you just can't come back from that.  i just want my car.  i love the giant sunroof, the perfect thickness of the steering wheel for my hands, the bluetooth, the heated steering wheel, the instant heated seats, the fake wood whatever stuff on the interior, how speedy and good at accelerating she is.  but with at least 40,000 miles less.  and with brand new brakes and tires that i didn't have to pay for.  is this too much to ask?

so pretty much, i have an emotional attachment to my car.  maybe that makes me ridiculous, but this is just where i'm at right now.

Sunday, October 7, 2012

my baby jack

my heart just died.  have you heard of the dog, pomsky?  it's pretty much the cutest dog on the planet.  it's a pomeranian/husky and it basically looks like a fluffy husky that stays puppy size forever!  look at these pictures, i'm dying.

i mean, are you kidding me?  is there anything more precious in this world?  i seriously want one so bad.  i just want to name it jack, be best friends, and cuddle forever.

Saturday, September 1, 2012

hey! i moved!

okay guys, i get it.  none of you want to be my friend after my last post.  i'm sorry i told you i like a linkin park song.  whatever, it's fine. i don't need you to leave comments on all of my posts in order for me to feel validated or anything.

so... i moved out of my sister's basement and into a different basement!  yeah, i'm like super independent now.  i am very grateful to the milnes for putting me up for a year (yeah, a whole year, can you believe how ridiculous i am?). i mean, was.  how ridiculous i was. because obviously i'm not ridiculous anymore since i've stopped mooching. for the most part.

anyway.  do you want to see my new room?  i'm going to show you right now!  it's kind of adorable...
 wall.  corner.  rug. outdoor chairs. 'p'. antlers. polka dot curtains. (fyi: painting curtains is irritating.)
 desk. chair. cutest painting in the world made for me by my favorite person in the world. all around cuteness.
 fabric hanging to disguise large amount of crap that you don't need to know about.
beautiful/disgusting/terrifying all at the same time.
freakin walk in closet!!!!

and now some really important details:
fyi: you can't put velcro on a wall without destroying it.  
muchas gracias, previous tenant.
who needs bed skirts?!
this is what my desk really looks like!

so there's my room.

Monday, August 20, 2012

not to be confused with lincoln park.

i kind of really like this song and it makes me hate myself.
i even like the part when that guy talks with rhythm (raps?).

will you still be my friend knowing that i like a linkin park song?  if not, i totally understand.  i don't really want to be my friend either.

Friday, July 13, 2012

rollin', rollin', rollin'

this is the minutes part of my cell phone bill for this month:

you may need to click on it to make it bigger.

i just think that this bill is hilarious.  the minimum plan that you can have at at&t is 450 minutes for like $40 something a month.  included in the plan are unlimited mobile to mobile and 5,000 minutes, plus what you don't use of the 450 rolls over every month.

well THANK GOODNESS for rollover.  because i used 12 of my 450 minutes and i certainly don't want to miss out on the 438 minutes that i didn't use this month so that i can have 4,526 minutes next month because i don't know about you, but i am planning on talking on my cell phone nonstop for the next three years.

because that's what people do with cell phones these days, talk on them.

Sunday, July 8, 2012


i know.  you've been waiting on the edge of our seat with all of these pudge questions.

well, i'm just going to make your day and answer all those questions right now.

1. did paige survive her tonsillectomy?
i sure did!  i really started to come around a corner after that post.  i can eat and drink whateva the h i want now and it is glorious.

2. how was her 25th birthday? did she get to spend the day with paul walker?
it was pretty darn good.  my birthday fell on a monday this year and i HATE working on mondays.  i seriously want to die every monday so i was not about to spend my birthday feeling that way.  brooke made me breakfast in bed, i got some awesome presents, went to lunch at cheesecake factory at city creek, shopped, went to spanish fork reservoir, and had costa vida for dinner.  here's photographic evidence:
grayson and me at the cheesecake factory

really the best part is that i got to spend the day with people i love. which unfortunately did not include paul walker.  one day paulie, one day.

3. how is paige's summer going?
i'd say it's going pretty well.  june was a difficult month but july is looking pretty good.  for example, the milnes were out of town this weekend and i had some lovely visitors so i cooked some very delicious summer meals and went to seven peaks salt lake. and parked my car in the garage. hollaaa!

4. is she going to move to california?
ehhhhh that's a tricky one.  i just get distracted by the summers here, they're just so pleasant.  so i have given myself until like august/september to figure out my life.  ask me again in a couple months.

5. does she still live in her sister's basement?
yes. i've just been livin' the dream for almost 11 months! high five!

6. is she looking forward to the summer olympics?

7. has she seen the nordstrom anniversary sale catalog yet?  what does she think?
yes.  i have seen a few items that i am very interested in.  i think i just might have to miss work the day that the sale starts.  priorities people.

you're welcome.

Friday, June 15, 2012

as i lay dying

i got my tonsils out last wednesday (the 6th).  it has just been so much fun!  i get to lay around and have a diet that only consists of liquid foods.  ensure is the best!

apparently when you have parts of your throat cut out of you you can't do anything but lay around for at least 10 days.  i know this sounds excessive, but it's true.  i tried going to work yesterday afternoon (day 9) and it was a bad idea.  i was only there for 2.5 hours and i was in a much worse condition when i left than when i arrived.  it's weird to me that a tonsillectomy puts you out so much.  i am on lortab which is awesome but it kind of makes me high so that kind of limits what i can do.  my throat hurts like a mother anytime i swallow and if i talk too much.  and my voice sounds weird (this better be temporary).  since i can only drink my food and i am not terribly hungry because all i do is lay around, i feel pretty weak and get tired very easily.  i have already lost seven pounds.  i didn't really want to lose any weight but i mean if i have to, can it at least come off of the places where i carry my weight?  like my thighs? it doesn't make sense to me that when i lose weight i lose it in the areas that are already small on me (i.e. chest)  making me look even more disproportioned. but i'm sure i'll just gain it back so it's not that big of a deal.

people told me that getting my tonsils out would be the worst experience of my life.  it has been terrible but i feel like i've been through worse.  my main issue is that it is taking forever to heal and i just want to eat a freakin steak.  i don't feel like that is asking too much.

i am on day 10 today and i hear that is a real turning point for most people... fingers crossed!

now onto the segment i like to call:

thought no. 1:
ladyhawke has a new album that was released a couple weeks ago - anxiety. so far i think i prefer her previous self titled album, it's just a little more upbeat and fun.  but i do really like her new song 'black white & blue.'  you can listen to it here.

thought no. 2:
the one positive about this whole "tonsillectomy thing" is that i haven't worn makeup in 11 days and i can rub my eyes as much as i want!!!

thought no. 3:
downton abbey. i have been watching it and it's pretty good.  i wouldn't say i'm obsessed with it like everyone told me i would be, but maybe they just created too high of expectations?  i just started season two (thank you ashley!) so maybe i'll be singing a different tune in a couple episodes.

thought no. 4:
all i think about is food and all the things i want to eat once i am able to.  i have pinned so many recipes on pinterest this week and it's ridiculous.  i repinned like everything on my friend, jill's food board. she's got some really appetizing things on there.  ps jill, you haven't updated your blog in months and i need something entertaining to read.  please update soon, okay?

thought no. 5:
i am super jealous of all these people that get to go on cool trips.  like jenni and her honeymoon in tahiti.  really jenni?  (just kidding, i hope you had fun! kind of... :))  or all these people that go on studies abroad all across europe or go to places like thailand just for fun.  it's cool guys, i'll just use my PTO laying in my bed and not eating for 10 days.  way more fun than spending three weeks in hawaii.

well ladies and gents, those are pretty much all of the thoughts i have for you right now.  i apparently only have five thoughts.  i hope you're all having as much fun right now as i am!

Friday, June 8, 2012

happy one year

happy one year anniversary to my best friend.
maybe once i'm not so high from these pain killers (tonsillectomy) i'll take you out for a car wash and oil change to celebrate.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012


fast five was on tv last night.

as i sat there and watched the last 20 minutes i thought to myself, "man, i wish the sixth fast and furious movie was out so that paul walker and i could spend my birthday together like we did last year."

because i don't know if you know this, but my 25th birthday is in five days.


don't worry, there's still time to get me a present.  i even made a board on pinterest to help you in your search, you can view it here. if it isn't obvious, i'd really like a pair of j.crew shorts.  i'd also like to add a costco/giant size bag of riesens to that list.  every year i hope that someone will get this for me and no one ever does. so this year i am just going to ask for it.

i'm going to be 25 in five days.

Monday, May 7, 2012

adventures in babysitting

so i babysat my niece and nephews this weekend while their parents were in mexico and i just did such a super job!  here's just one example of what a great mom i will make one day.

so we went to the grocery store and when we were done i was getting everything put away in the car.  first, i put bond (13 months) in his car seat and then asked afton (7) to buckle him in.  then i went back to the other side of the car to see that grayson (6), who was sitting in the basket of the cart, was rolling away from us down the middle of the parking lot.  he was laughing and screaming "help me! help me!"  it was just so terrifying and hilarious all at the same time.  luckily no one called the cops on me.

oh, and about an hour later i noticed that my fly was down and i'm pretty sure it had been that way for several hours.

so... who wants me to watch their kids??? i'm obviously really good at it. especially that whole keeping the kids safe part.

Thursday, May 3, 2012

questions plaguing the internet

i'm happy to hear that these are the most common questions being asked on google.

or that google thinks that i really want to know the answers to these questions. 

the question that i find most intriguing in this list is "why are manhole covers round?"  that thought has never come across my mind but now i just really feel the need to know why.  if you're curious too, click here.

Friday, April 13, 2012

story time

it's time for a little story about the events that ocurred the evening of thursday, april 12, 2012.

it all started when my sister, brooke, and i decided to go get pedicures. brooke keeps making me play this draw something game and lucky for her, i draw adorable versions of celebrities that all look alike.
yes, you're right! that is donald trump. i really wish i had a screenshot of the freaking adorable elton john that i drew because it was literally the best piece of art that i have ever created.


so while we were sitting next to each other getting pedicures, drawing precious pictures back and forth, we look up and see that an episode of seinfeld is just starting. which episode of seinfeld, you ask? oh just the one when elaine makes frank costanza accompany her to the nail salon so he can translate what the korean women in the salon are saying about her because he speaks korean too. the irony people! obviously brooke and i shared some glances that meant "how funny that this episode of seinfeld is on! this situation is so awkward and hilarious!" yeah, all we have to do is look at each other and we know. we are sisters afterall.

once we were finished with our pedicures we went to pei wei for dinner but the line was suuuper long so we went to five guys because brooke "could literally (and wanted to) eat a cow for dinner."

i hope i haven't lost you because this is where it gets incredibly awkward and traumatizing and disturbing.

seriously traumatizing - let this be a warning.

so we're just sitting there devouring our cows and we hear this woman sitting close to us say to what appeared to be a 3 year old boy:

"you can have the boob when we get home."

i'm serious. i looked up at brooke. yes, we both heard it so it must be true. then she said it again. like three times.

i put down my burger because i just couldn't imagine eating anymore. brooke was somehow still able to eat because she finished her double burger and then proceeded to eat all of my fries.

as if this wasn't traumatizing enough, we overhear her (because she clearly wants us to) loudly devising a lie with the older boy (maybe 6 or 7 years old?), asking him to tell her what story he is going to tell whoever so that she can back him up. THEN she asks both boys to show her their belly buttons.

"now show me your nipples!"
"now squeeze 'em!"
"good boys!"

we should have called child protective services right then and there. i'm really regretting that we didn't. instead we ran out of the restaurant and into nordstrom rack. where almost everything is right in the world.

see, i warned you that it was traumatizing. i'm sorry, but i had to tell you.

after that we bought some matching pjs (because we're sisters), went to target, and called it a night.

Saturday, April 7, 2012

oh ksl news, you are so dumb.

i don't think they realized what this pin board is all about.

Monday, March 19, 2012

so i went to moab this weekend.

shocking, right? i know. sometimes i'm just so adventurous.
neon desert bag. completely necessary.

miss andrea ovard. still looks amazing on a camping trip. it just isn't fair.

now i'm about to show you a photo that some people might consider embarrassing. i am only showing you this photo because i trust you and i want you to know how boss i am.
i can't even tell you how much laughter and how many tears that photo brought us. the next one is pretty amazing too.
yeah. don't mess with me.

i feel that i need to give an explanation. i only brought those sweat pants to sleep in because we were camping and i knew it would be cold. well it was super windy and i was wearing capri leggings and they just weren't quite cutting it. desperate times call for desperate measures, people! so yeah, i had to tie my hoodie around my face and i had to wear sweat pants with elastic on the bottom of them with my huge white tennis shoes. i said i was desperate. but at least i look like a total bad-a.

just hanging out in the wind.

did i mention this was an all girls trip? yeah, we mountain biked, hiked, and camped all by ourselves. andrea and i even built a fire for our tin foil dinners that was totally legit and better than many of the fires i've seen boys build. take that testosterone!

now on to the scenic portion.
i don't really like how your pictures have to be squares on instagram, but i kind of like the black bars that come from not cropping. makes me feel like my iphone pictures are stills from movies.

WARNING: the following contains graphic content that may not be suitable for all audiences.

so when we went mountain biking at the world famous slick rock, i may have fallen off my bike. after 10 minutes. then quit and took a nap in the car. maybe that happened, maybe it didn't. there's really no way to tell.

the following are photos of my injuries in order from least to most gruesome.
there are actually no visible injuries in this picture but my shoulder hurts bad. real bad.


this trip was actually super fun. i did things that i don't normally do, got to hang out with friends that i don't get to see as often as i would like, laughed soooooo hard, and got to witness God's amazing creation that is moab.


Wednesday, March 14, 2012

let the countdown begin

exactly 2 months from today this little lady will be turning 25.

yes, that little lady is me.

yes, 25 is a completely legitimate age.

and yes, i have mixed feelings about it.

if you have any questions about what gift to give me on this incredibly important occasion please see my pinterest boards here.

Sunday, March 4, 2012


i got a taste of what it's like to be a single mom of three over the past 24 hours. church with this 11 month old is HARD. but at least he makes a super cute grandpa.
sometimes i worry that i'm turning into one of those blogger moms that only talks about their children. and these kids aren't even mine. but seriously... they are just too adorable to keep to myself.

Saturday, February 25, 2012

it's time for another paul walker post.

so i'm in the middle of a fast and furious marathon (don't judge).

seriously paul walker, can you please stop being so incredibly attractive? and can you please tell your eyes to stop piercing into my soul? and can you please stop having just the right amount of scruff? it isn't good for my heart.

well paul, if you can't stop any of the above, can you please never stop making these fast and furious movies? i'd really appreciate it.

sending you huge amounts of love right now,

you can read more about my obsession with paul walker here, here, here, and here.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

just can't get enough

i seriously can't play this song loud enough in my car.
and those speakers can get loooud.

M83 | Midnight City from DIVISION on Vimeo.

"oooah oo oo ah oooah oo oo ah oooah oo oo ah"
yeah, that's how it goes.

remember when i said

that i was going to work out while i watched the bachelor last night but i ate a giant bowl of this ice cream instead?

i have no regrets.

Monday, February 20, 2012

face time

well one positive thing about having an iphone 4s is discovering that my father has turned into a mountain man.

and i sure do like it!

Sunday, February 12, 2012

lady trip

back in september we thomas ladies took a little trip to new york. it mainly consisted of walking and shopping, with a few meals in between.

yes, that is tom selleck.

view from our hotel in soho.

outside the forever 21 in time square. it has five levels!!!

freedom tower

brooklyn flea

dinner at ditch plains. sorry mama, you're a little washed out in this one.

should i have maybe bought some more?
i may have left with shin splints and my sisters only made me cry once - getting dressed for church is hard!

but it was really great to spend time together and explore the city (by 'city' i mean 'every h&m'). we're pretty lucky to have each other. :)