Saturday, September 1, 2012

hey! i moved!

okay guys, i get it.  none of you want to be my friend after my last post.  i'm sorry i told you i like a linkin park song.  whatever, it's fine. i don't need you to leave comments on all of my posts in order for me to feel validated or anything.

so... i moved out of my sister's basement and into a different basement!  yeah, i'm like super independent now.  i am very grateful to the milnes for putting me up for a year (yeah, a whole year, can you believe how ridiculous i am?). i mean, was.  how ridiculous i was. because obviously i'm not ridiculous anymore since i've stopped mooching. for the most part.

anyway.  do you want to see my new room?  i'm going to show you right now!  it's kind of adorable...
 wall.  corner.  rug. outdoor chairs. 'p'. antlers. polka dot curtains. (fyi: painting curtains is irritating.)
 desk. chair. cutest painting in the world made for me by my favorite person in the world. all around cuteness.
 fabric hanging to disguise large amount of crap that you don't need to know about.
beautiful/disgusting/terrifying all at the same time.
freakin walk in closet!!!!

and now some really important details:
fyi: you can't put velcro on a wall without destroying it.  
muchas gracias, previous tenant.
who needs bed skirts?!
this is what my desk really looks like!

so there's my room.


mckenzi said...

Yay for new rooms! and SO cute paigey! You are gifted. Plan on me being there often haha

Jill Gulbranson said...

So cute. Love the curtains. Where are you living now?

Jennifer Lane said...

I spy our little UAC decorations! Very cute Paige.

Breeann said...

Your room is precious! I love it and you. Really I miss you.