Monday, March 19, 2012

so i went to moab this weekend.

shocking, right? i know. sometimes i'm just so adventurous.
neon desert bag. completely necessary.

miss andrea ovard. still looks amazing on a camping trip. it just isn't fair.

now i'm about to show you a photo that some people might consider embarrassing. i am only showing you this photo because i trust you and i want you to know how boss i am.
i can't even tell you how much laughter and how many tears that photo brought us. the next one is pretty amazing too.
yeah. don't mess with me.

i feel that i need to give an explanation. i only brought those sweat pants to sleep in because we were camping and i knew it would be cold. well it was super windy and i was wearing capri leggings and they just weren't quite cutting it. desperate times call for desperate measures, people! so yeah, i had to tie my hoodie around my face and i had to wear sweat pants with elastic on the bottom of them with my huge white tennis shoes. i said i was desperate. but at least i look like a total bad-a.

just hanging out in the wind.

did i mention this was an all girls trip? yeah, we mountain biked, hiked, and camped all by ourselves. andrea and i even built a fire for our tin foil dinners that was totally legit and better than many of the fires i've seen boys build. take that testosterone!

now on to the scenic portion.
i don't really like how your pictures have to be squares on instagram, but i kind of like the black bars that come from not cropping. makes me feel like my iphone pictures are stills from movies.

WARNING: the following contains graphic content that may not be suitable for all audiences.

so when we went mountain biking at the world famous slick rock, i may have fallen off my bike. after 10 minutes. then quit and took a nap in the car. maybe that happened, maybe it didn't. there's really no way to tell.

the following are photos of my injuries in order from least to most gruesome.
there are actually no visible injuries in this picture but my shoulder hurts bad. real bad.


this trip was actually super fun. i did things that i don't normally do, got to hang out with friends that i don't get to see as often as i would like, laughed soooooo hard, and got to witness God's amazing creation that is moab.



*AnDIe* said...

i literally started laughing out loud at those pictures. so so hard. and oh my gosh...didnt realize your had crazy insane bruises. just makes you look even more legit. best weekend ever. also, that picture of my is gross but i'll let it slide.

Kar said...

I just love this so much. I was dying when I found that gem of you walking like a boss on my phone.

Thanks for coming this weekend. That night we spent in my car was one I will never forget...

Elissa said...

LOVE this post!! And I love that this was an all girls trip. Very legit. And you look CLASSIC! Prefect mom-hiking attire. I'm sad you didn't run with us!

Jill said...

What a fun trip! I would love to do a girls trip like this! Who says girls trips have to be girly?

Alyssa said...

Oh, Paige... I laughed for a good five minutes straight at that photo. When I look at it, I hear the Beastie Boys' "Sabotage" in my head. It looks like you hot mamas had quite the trip!

Caitlin said...

What a fun weekend! I can only imagine what a good time you girls had camping in Moab. And serioulsy, great pics!

Jenni said...

i love you. like true love. you made me laugh so much.

Jason + Sarah said...

where did my paige go? this is just not like you. except for the part where you quit mountain biking after 10 minutes. thats more like it. ha

Mars said...

oh my gosh those pictures of your sweet camping attire are classically awesome!! I literally laughed-not at you though. Because lets be honest, you did look pretty legit. The thing that makes this even better is that it was an all girls trip and you didn't need males to go camping and have all that fun! You are awesome!

megan thomas said...

Oh Paige you are too funny. You should have the relief society bring you meals in for those injuries! How fun though.

Mckenzi and Matthew said...

Paigey, you are so boss haha I love it. This looks so fun! and I love your face, and can't wait to see you next weekend, hurrah!

mckenzi said...

Hahah I re-read my post and it is so true... being prego sounds like a death sentence! Welcome to this entire semester for me! If there ever was a time for childbearing, the deadline ended finals week last semester! hahaha

Zubair_Khan said...

Don't say this buddy, you can wear at sport campaign, at nights for sleep, on holidays there are so many reason to wear sweat pants. I hope you can look one on it.