Friday, June 15, 2012

as i lay dying

i got my tonsils out last wednesday (the 6th).  it has just been so much fun!  i get to lay around and have a diet that only consists of liquid foods.  ensure is the best!

apparently when you have parts of your throat cut out of you you can't do anything but lay around for at least 10 days.  i know this sounds excessive, but it's true.  i tried going to work yesterday afternoon (day 9) and it was a bad idea.  i was only there for 2.5 hours and i was in a much worse condition when i left than when i arrived.  it's weird to me that a tonsillectomy puts you out so much.  i am on lortab which is awesome but it kind of makes me high so that kind of limits what i can do.  my throat hurts like a mother anytime i swallow and if i talk too much.  and my voice sounds weird (this better be temporary).  since i can only drink my food and i am not terribly hungry because all i do is lay around, i feel pretty weak and get tired very easily.  i have already lost seven pounds.  i didn't really want to lose any weight but i mean if i have to, can it at least come off of the places where i carry my weight?  like my thighs? it doesn't make sense to me that when i lose weight i lose it in the areas that are already small on me (i.e. chest)  making me look even more disproportioned. but i'm sure i'll just gain it back so it's not that big of a deal.

people told me that getting my tonsils out would be the worst experience of my life.  it has been terrible but i feel like i've been through worse.  my main issue is that it is taking forever to heal and i just want to eat a freakin steak.  i don't feel like that is asking too much.

i am on day 10 today and i hear that is a real turning point for most people... fingers crossed!

now onto the segment i like to call:

thought no. 1:
ladyhawke has a new album that was released a couple weeks ago - anxiety. so far i think i prefer her previous self titled album, it's just a little more upbeat and fun.  but i do really like her new song 'black white & blue.'  you can listen to it here.

thought no. 2:
the one positive about this whole "tonsillectomy thing" is that i haven't worn makeup in 11 days and i can rub my eyes as much as i want!!!

thought no. 3:
downton abbey. i have been watching it and it's pretty good.  i wouldn't say i'm obsessed with it like everyone told me i would be, but maybe they just created too high of expectations?  i just started season two (thank you ashley!) so maybe i'll be singing a different tune in a couple episodes.

thought no. 4:
all i think about is food and all the things i want to eat once i am able to.  i have pinned so many recipes on pinterest this week and it's ridiculous.  i repinned like everything on my friend, jill's food board. she's got some really appetizing things on there.  ps jill, you haven't updated your blog in months and i need something entertaining to read.  please update soon, okay?

thought no. 5:
i am super jealous of all these people that get to go on cool trips.  like jenni and her honeymoon in tahiti.  really jenni?  (just kidding, i hope you had fun! kind of... :))  or all these people that go on studies abroad all across europe or go to places like thailand just for fun.  it's cool guys, i'll just use my PTO laying in my bed and not eating for 10 days.  way more fun than spending three weeks in hawaii.

well ladies and gents, those are pretty much all of the thoughts i have for you right now.  i apparently only have five thoughts.  i hope you're all having as much fun right now as i am!

Friday, June 8, 2012

happy one year

happy one year anniversary to my best friend.
maybe once i'm not so high from these pain killers (tonsillectomy) i'll take you out for a car wash and oil change to celebrate.