Thursday, April 28, 2011

heaven sent

i never won anything in my life until i started working at opal orthodontics and now i just can't stop. my most recent win is a picture frame from our product focus meeting today.
i am surprised by the amount of people that don't know who paul walker is and have asked me if he is my boyfriend. "yeah, i just keep a topless photo of my boyfriend by my desk and he just happens to be the most attractive man to have ever walked on this planet." no big deal.

in other news, martha found a website to see what your babies will look like with other people. she experimented with the love of her life (her fiance seth) and i did with mine. i think he's kind of creepily pretty but cute. maybe this is a sign...

my baby with jake gyllenhaal... not so much.
baaaaaah!!! terrifying.

Monday, April 25, 2011

so it's monday.

and my flowers are feeling it.
if you would like a song to pick you up from your monday blues, i would recommend searching for the band "the asteroids galaxy tour" on grooveshark and listening to the following songs: the golden age, around the bend, and the sun ain't shining no more. brooke showed them to me last night and seriously...precious.


for work we are reading books about sales and mine is called "how to be a giant dbag." oh, i mean "how to say it to sell it." here are some inspiring quotes for your monday:
i found these gems just 2 pages into the book. i wish i could say that i exaggerated how ridiculous these are, but no. they are real. and yes, i did print them out and post them in my cubicle and am pretending i think they are cool. i also wish i could say that was my genius idea, but alas it was not. thanks for the idea drewgle! but i am still going to take credit for it.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

done it again

this picture from awkward family photos today is terrifying.
it is hilarious and gives me the jeebies all at the same time.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

i'd like to introduce you to my best friend.

i gave this kid a ride home from high school one time and he told me "paige, your car is so weird. it just fits you so well." umm get out of my car.

about a year ago i realized my car is my best friend. we spend at least 80 minutes commuting together everyday. it is so dependable and always there for me. it still loves me even when i wait a year to get the oil changed (i wish that was an exaggeration). and not once has it ever let me down. such amazing loyalty. the hatchback is just so convenient, i don't know how i'd live without one now. and we've just made so many memories. i have come to cherish all those midsummer road trips to colorado, just me and the civic. perfection.

i have also come to the realization that the civic might die soon. it's running okay but i kind of put it through a lot with my commute everyday. since coming to this realization i have been looking at cars. the only ones that i like are suvs from the 1980s/1990s or bmw 3 series.

you know how when women are trying to get pregnant and all they see are babies? well i am apparently trying to get pregnant with a jeep cherokee from the early 1990s. i seriously saw like 100 of them today and i am in love.
they all just scream "paige, love me! we'd be so happy together!" and i'd totally be down with some wood paneling. the boxier the better. i don't like how aerodynamic, 'sleek' and efficient all these new cars are nowadays.

these cars are hardly fuel efficient and i have a 40 minute commute. they are also old and will most likely have problems. but these cars make heart flutter. literally. i get the butterflies and my heart skips when i think about driving them.

all of this has led me to the question:
am i allergic to practicality?

Sunday, April 17, 2011

so i colored my hair yesterday

for some reason i think you want to be up-to-date with my hair status and since i feel awkward posting pictures of myself alone i kind of forced my roommates into a photo shoot. we also have zero pictures together and they're all leaving me in a week.

look at these lovely ladies! and it's warm outside!
this one was the best picture until carolyn got cropped out.
precious little outtake
so the style of my hair color is called 'ombre' or 'melt.' if you can't tell in the pictures, it's dark at the roots and gets lighter on the ends. i've liked it for a while and it is pretty trendy but i just figured i might as well go for it. i really like how it turned out.

ps - this was my 300th post!

Friday, April 15, 2011

2011 holi festival

i am fully aware that the festival of colors happened a few weeks ago and that we all saw about a billion iphone-app-edited-pictures on facebook and you probably don't care to see mine. i have hesitated to post these until now for the above reasons and maybe there isn't anything original about these pictures but that's okay with me.

ali and i decided to go last minute, this was her first holi fest.
look at all those crazy colors, i have no idea how that even happened.

when we first got to the festival this creepy old man stopped me and said that i had a big target on my chest because i didn't have any color on me yet. i just laughed and tried to get away. he proceeded to pull me into him and smash his body against mine to get some of his color to come off on me. and then i ran for my dear life.

and that's the story of that one time when i was molested at the festival of colors.

last year's pictures can be seen here.

oh, and i stole this video from martha's facebook.
it's pretty much awesome:

*if you double click on the video it will go full screen.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

i don't know if you know this

...but my birthday is in 30 days.

i am going to be 24 exactly one month from today.

i thought i would accomplish a few things by/in my 24th year and i haven't done any of them nor am i really on track...but hey, anything can happen.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

i dare you to tell me he isn't the cutest newborn you've ever seen.

sometimes he likes to do crazy eyes...
i have a date with him wednesday night to babysit.
best date ever.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

oh paulie.

so you may have heard about fast five. i have no idea why they keep making these movies but i'm okay with it. i've said it before and i'll say it again. most attractive man to have ever walked this planet.
i mean how could you resist this?

baaaaaah. love.

i am seriously going to the midnight showing of this. who's in?
i'll go by myself if i have to.

guess what.

i bought the cutest shoes ever yesterday.
and the 2nd best part (the 1st being their aesthetic appeal) is that i got them at the rack and they were such a good deal.

Monday, April 4, 2011

with every fiber of my being.

i want nothing more in this life than to be living in a small beach house right now. i just want to wake up tomorrow morning and be there and never leave.

i don't think this is asking too much.