Monday, April 25, 2011

so it's monday.

and my flowers are feeling it.
if you would like a song to pick you up from your monday blues, i would recommend searching for the band "the asteroids galaxy tour" on grooveshark and listening to the following songs: the golden age, around the bend, and the sun ain't shining no more. brooke showed them to me last night and seriously...precious.


for work we are reading books about sales and mine is called "how to be a giant dbag." oh, i mean "how to say it to sell it." here are some inspiring quotes for your monday:
i found these gems just 2 pages into the book. i wish i could say that i exaggerated how ridiculous these are, but no. they are real. and yes, i did print them out and post them in my cubicle and am pretending i think they are cool. i also wish i could say that was my genius idea, but alas it was not. thanks for the idea drewgle! but i am still going to take credit for it.


Garyn said...

That's hilarious. I can say I honestly don't miss doing sales and the crap that goes with it. Best of Luck!

Harvey Ralph said...

Drewgle welcomes most idea theft. Unless it's really funny, then citation is required.