Friday, April 15, 2011

2011 holi festival

i am fully aware that the festival of colors happened a few weeks ago and that we all saw about a billion iphone-app-edited-pictures on facebook and you probably don't care to see mine. i have hesitated to post these until now for the above reasons and maybe there isn't anything original about these pictures but that's okay with me.

ali and i decided to go last minute, this was her first holi fest.
look at all those crazy colors, i have no idea how that even happened.

when we first got to the festival this creepy old man stopped me and said that i had a big target on my chest because i didn't have any color on me yet. i just laughed and tried to get away. he proceeded to pull me into him and smash his body against mine to get some of his color to come off on me. and then i ran for my dear life.

and that's the story of that one time when i was molested at the festival of colors.

last year's pictures can be seen here.

oh, and i stole this video from martha's facebook.
it's pretty much awesome:

*if you double click on the video it will go full screen.


Jill said...

So fun. I love going to that except it's so freaking huge now! And to your comment...I won't be announcing that anytime soon (fingers crossed)!

martha said...

man, i have missed reading your blog. you're so sassy and witty and...well, i miss you. i have avoided looking at all of those pictures this year because it makes me sad i didn't get to go! but isn't that video awesome?! good steal ;) i stole it too.