Monday, October 27, 2008

in response to previous post.

i posted the "just dance" music video without watching the entire thing and just now thought to myself, "maybe i should watch that whole video since i just posted it on my blog." and i did. and it is reeeeaaaalllllyyy inappropriate and i recommend not watching it. DON'T WATCH THE MUSIC VIDEO.

since the song is called "just dance" maybe you should actually portray people dancing. i know that seems like a radical idea, but maybe you should try it. what is happening to this world? why does everything have to revolve around sex? what are we teaching girls of the younger generation? that the only way boys will like you is if you're a dirty skank? i heard a disturbing story from one of my professors the other day...

a kindergarten teacher heard one of the little girls in her class say, "sex isn't bad, it just means you're pretty."

what has happened to this world that we are living in? i am terrified to have children and bring them into this toxic environment. between katy perry singing about kissing girls and liking it and britney spears posing naked in a music video that is shown on cable tv, i don't know what to think. where are these girls' dignity? it's embarrassing. what happened to the gentle and refined woman that didn't have to show all of her skin to get attention? does anyone have integrity anymore? is there any hope?

"just dance" by lady gaga feat. colby o'donis and akon

so i was driving down university avenue on saturday afternoon, when all of a sudden this jazzy little song came on (good songs on the radio? who knew) and i was instantly in love. i am assuming this is a new song, but it is very possible that it has been around for a few months and everyone is sick of it. the music video is a little...uh...interesting (slash dirty, close your eyes while you listen to it and ignore some of the lyrics). but the beat is really good. enjoy and "just dance, gonna be okay..."

Thursday, October 16, 2008

the dodson wedding

sarah and jason are officially married! the wedding was last saturday (the 11th) at the mount timpanogos (sp?) temple in american fork, ut. i was fortunate enough to be a bridesmaid and be involved in this special day. it really was beautiful, despite the freezing weather. I am so happy i got to be a part of it!

sorry about the closed eyes, but this is the best one i had.

haha, sorry caroline, i couldn't resist. we had a grand time decorating the getaway car.

such a fun day!

bethany jackman was their photographer and i can't wait to see all her amazing photos.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

what to wear, what to wear.

what am i going to be for halloween?

this happens every year. i have been stressing all week about the perfect costume, and i am having a really hard time coming up with something good. i have been a cat the past two years and it would be really easy to just do it again, but for some crazy reason, people keep telling me that i can't wear the same costume three years in a row. i don't know why, it's pretty much precious. but i guess they're right.

come on, cutest little cat ever.

my incredibly precious friend katie said that she was going to be an indian (i mean native american, or is it indian?) and i am thinking i am just going to steal her idea because i have long brown hair and it just fits, right?

any suggestions?

Monday, October 6, 2008

did you hear about this?

a couple months ago my sister told me about this guy in canada (of course) that killed the person next to him on the bus. this kid was just sitting there, sleeping all innocently when he woke up to the psycho sitting next to him stabbing him repeatedly all over his body. he eventually decapitated this kid and was taunting the passengers with the head while they were standing outside the bus, and there were little kids there too. how traumatizing. what would make a person do that? i mean, how do you get to that point? in the article, they said that the guy seemed normal earlier in the trip, but then he stabbed someone to death. i'm sure this is doing wonders for greyhound's business. click here to read the article, if you can handle it.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

the type.

people are always talking about what their type is. i wonder what exactly is my type and how i could explain it to someone. I can sum up my type in two words: jim halpert. if you don't know who jim halpert is (because you live under a rock), he is the character on the office that is played by john krasinski. so why this jim halpert character? this man is perfection. he is a precious square, meaning that he always does the right thing. he is hilarious, he is always playing these little jokes on dwight and they get me every time. he is not drop dead gorgeous by any means, but he is just so effing cute. the way he smirks at the camera makes me melt. about a year ago in the one spot at target, they had office supplies from the office and i of course went crazy and spent about $20 on 20 $1 items, and there were these i heart jim sticky notes, notepads and mousepads. it was literally one of the greatest moments of my life. i am not kidding, you can ask all of the people i called the moment i saw them. anyway, he is so completely in love with pam beasley, soon to be pam halpert (shoot me in the face). he is sweet, genuine, sincere, romantic, thoughtful, and wonderful. his proposal to pam was probably one of the most precious proposals i have ever seen. and to top it all off, he is just a normal guy, but i have yet to meet anyone like him. i love this man. but, he does have one enormous flaw...he is a fictional character, living in a fictional world that i cannot live in. of all the luck. so, just in case you were wondering, jim halpert is paige's type.