Wednesday, October 8, 2008

what to wear, what to wear.

what am i going to be for halloween?

this happens every year. i have been stressing all week about the perfect costume, and i am having a really hard time coming up with something good. i have been a cat the past two years and it would be really easy to just do it again, but for some crazy reason, people keep telling me that i can't wear the same costume three years in a row. i don't know why, it's pretty much precious. but i guess they're right.

come on, cutest little cat ever.

my incredibly precious friend katie said that she was going to be an indian (i mean native american, or is it indian?) and i am thinking i am just going to steal her idea because i have long brown hair and it just fits, right?

any suggestions?


Mark said...

here is your comment, stop crying

BEAZER said...

this is the second best blog i've ever read

Mark said...

you should be the atlantic ocean

Mauri said...

you do make a cute cat but I could totally see you being a Native American/Indian haha whatever. Same thing :)