Monday, October 6, 2008

did you hear about this?

a couple months ago my sister told me about this guy in canada (of course) that killed the person next to him on the bus. this kid was just sitting there, sleeping all innocently when he woke up to the psycho sitting next to him stabbing him repeatedly all over his body. he eventually decapitated this kid and was taunting the passengers with the head while they were standing outside the bus, and there were little kids there too. how traumatizing. what would make a person do that? i mean, how do you get to that point? in the article, they said that the guy seemed normal earlier in the trip, but then he stabbed someone to death. i'm sure this is doing wonders for greyhound's business. click here to read the article, if you can handle it.


Britt said...

That is the most messed up thing ever! Wow.... wow.

mickelle said...

oh. my. gosh. what the F?!?!?! thats the most disgusting and disturbing thing i have ever heard. what a FREAK!