Thursday, July 29, 2010


a new season of project runway starts tonight.

all is right in the world.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010


so i saw inception last night and i kind of have mixed feelings about i don't think i really liked it.

i feel like i understood what was going on for the most part which makes me think that maybe i didn't really understand it because everyone keeps saying it was really mind blowing and amazing and difficult to understand - but i didn't feel that way. and i have never had a reaction to a movie like i did this one, it was giving me so much anxiety that i was physically ill watching it, i just wanted it to end. i suppose the concept is interesting, but i don't like the idea of people messing with other people's minds to get what they want - it stresses me out. though i did feel better about things toward/at the end. maybe i need to see it again or discuss it with someone so i realize all the things i didn't catch and maybe i will like it more. maybe.

i think i just like movies that are mostly positive or funny or not too 17 again which i may have watched twice last weekend. yeah, i said it. twice. that movie is quickly becoming my favorite.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

elder thomas

i just had an awkward experience...i just wrote my brother an email on his mission. i can't believe that little nas gas is in the mtc right now. it was a little weird writing him because i don't think i have written a missionary in about two years and i kind of forgot what you write them about.

elder nash thomas is serving in the mexico, tuxtla gutierrez mission. he just went into the mtc this past wednesday. i am excited to hear about all the great experiences he has over the next two years. he's gonna be an awesome missionary and i could really tell that he was ready to go. perhaps he was just so sick of his four older sisters nagging him all the time that he couldn't wait to get as far away from them as possible...
so precious.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

let's just get it out in the open.

i watch the bachelorette. yes it is retarded and lame, but i kind of love it. and ali is actually a really good bachelorette and this season has been way less skanky than all the ones before it.

anyway, with that said. why the crap does ali like frank so much? am i the only person that can see that he is totally gay? there isn't a thing about him that says heterosexual to me, even his crazy obsession with ali is pretty gay.

but seriously, i mean come on...

i guess this doesn't matter because based on the previews he won't be around much longer. and can i just say that i am totally in love with chris? i would choose him in a heartbeat. i like roberto a lot too though, so i'll be fine with either one.

i'd almost prefer ali choose roberto so i can go to cape cod and stalk, i mean find chris. and make him love me.

Saturday, July 3, 2010

dear diary,

so i am at home in colorado this weekend and i have been reading my old journals. here are some highlights:

september 15, 1995:
today i went to jill's soccer practice and i saw the cutest boy in third grade!!!!!! and he likes me to!!!! (those last four exclamation points had hearts on the bottom)

december 10, 1995:
today we have to go to church because it's sunday, and eryn is so grose she gives me the worst wedgies.

march 5, 1996:
my mom made this new rule that we can't watch tv on week days!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

may 22, 1996:
dear journal,
i know i haven't written in a long time!!!

august 25, 1996:
dear journal,
i know i haven't written in a long time!!! well i'm in fourth grade! i got ms. v, she is nice and she has a boy friend. well you might not have known this, but i had a lizard and it died. :( :(
lower down on the page it says: ms. v is EVIL! she is a witch

***side note: said lizard (lizzy) died because i didn't want to feed him crickets anymore because they were gross. i even had the crickets, i just didn't give them to him. i don't know what the sad faces are all about since i pretty much murdered lizzy.

december 6, 1999:
erik asked me out so i said yes. we had a pretty good relationship. i mean we hardly talked, but hey, this is what everybody does in 6th grade.

at this point all of my entries end with "G2G!"

december 7, 1999:
mrs. s - fat & crazy
mrs. b - 24, cool & married
mrs. m - fat, pretty nice, & makes weird faces
mrs. k - mean & her hair looks like a mushroom
brian - i liked him for a few weeks but not anymore because he is soooo stupid, he flunked 7th grade. when i talk to him i feel like i am babysitting.

december 16, 1999:
today i had a bad day. sara told me what kelly was saying while i was running the shuttle "paige won't beat anyone." guess what kelly, i did!

january 4, 2000:
shea has been really mean to me lately. so from now on i am not supposed to talk to her (her rule).

january 18, 2000:
i decided i wouldn't tell anyone that i liked casey, i really did that! yah, right! lots of people know, i told them. when sara was naming guys she thought i liked on the bus, she said casey so i said "stop asking me questions!" that is how sara and christine found out. other people, i just told.

january 20, 2000:
one of the bands i don't really like is godsmack. they really suck. so does rage against the machine. some of the bands/artists i do like are: limp bizkit, blink 182, beastie boys, 98 degrees (because they're hot), orgy, fat boy slim, madonna, enrique iglesias, creed, sugar ray...and more.

so, what did i learn about myself as a child?
-i was incredibly annoying from about seventh grade until i turned sixteen.
-i cared a lot about boys, probably too much.
-i was unfortunately shallow when it came to my seventh grade teachers.

i'm not gonna lie, i don't think i really like pudge in her young adolescence.