Saturday, May 29, 2010

happy birthday rheagie!

my baby (niece) rheagan turns seven today.
let me tell you a little bit about rheagan coralie blandford.

she is the cutest little pint-sized child in the world. don't let her small size fool you, she is very feisty and full of sass. her favorite color is purple and she is into everything girl - barbies, clothes (especially skirts and leggings), her american girl doll, accessories, high school musical, etc. and she has a heart of gold. when i come home for visits she will always cuddle with me on the couch, oh how i miss that.

she is so thoughtful and caring. rheagan was born on the same day as my grandma coralie, hence her middle name. rheagan even kind of looks like grandma coralie. a few months ago, rheagan wrote a letter to grandma and told her that this year they should celebrate their birthdays together. how precious is that? not every child gets to have a joint luau birthday party with their great grandma and it was all her idea. so now i am on my way to their luau.

happy birthday rheagie!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

the injury

so i burned myself with oil while i was making dinner on sunday and now have leopard print burn marks on my wrist.
that's what i get for straying from my usual sunday dinner of a bowl of cereal. lesson learned.

Saturday, May 22, 2010


well, my birthday was good. i started my celebrating with dinner at tucano's the night before my birthday. can i just say that i love that tucano's gives you a free meal on your birthday since it is pretty much the greatest meal ever and i can never afford to go there when it's not free.

on my official day of birth, i woke up to a bathroom mirror and a kitchen cupboard decorated with birthday wishes. when i arrived to work, my cubicle looked like this:
after work i went to dinner and a movie with my roommates and brooke. then i spent three-and-a-half glorious days in new york. all in all, a pretty good birthday.

you better treat me well, twenty-three.

Friday, May 21, 2010


so...i graduated. a month ago - i'm a little behind in blogging about the events of my life.
to my left is my old roommate, sarah, from my sophomore year. we got to have a precious little reunion.
even the grandparents came.
brooke and david threw me an awesome bbq with deliciously amazing food.
family and friends came.
isn't it irritating that i am wearing a turtleneck sweater at the end of april at a bbq? it is taking forever for summer to arrive in utah. it's supes annoying.

so that was graduation. it was a great day and i am so thankful that i am surrounded by family and friends that are so supportive.

stay tuned for posts about my birthday and new york (which was awesome, by the way).

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

does this make me a bad person?

several (six-ish) weeks ago i was perusing websites looking at cars (because the melting plastic smell my car is currently making isn't very encouraging) and i accidently submitted an inquiry to a dealership. said dealership now calls or emails me (or both) everyday to ask me about it.

and i never answer my phone or call them back.

one time i replied to an email apologizing for wasting their time and explaining that i wasn't interested in buying a car. but they haven't given up, they just keep calling and calling.

i know that i could easily just answer my phone, do us both a favor and end this. but i feel like this has been going on for so long that i kind of want to see who gives in first.

i can tell you this much: it's not going to be me.

good luck sydney at brent brown toyota.

Monday, May 10, 2010

i need them.

sometimes i hate j.crew for making me love them so much.

i can't even tell you how much i want these pants. and the shoes.
so comfortable looking and yet so chic somehow.

and my birthday is in 4 days.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

counting the days

...until my birthday!

i will be 23 in 10 days. slash i am going to be an old lady in 10 days.

but you know what is going to make this birthday especially awesome? i am going to new york in 11 days.

you can be jealous.

Sunday, May 2, 2010


i stole a blue gumball out of one of those by-the-pound candy bins at albertson's when i was a small child. when we were driving home, my mom asked me where i had gotten the piece of gum i was chewing. i was mad at myself for not realizing that my mom was intelligent and would know what i had done.

when i was five i stole a hot pink watch from tj maxx. as soon as we got home i went over to the neighbor's to show it to them. while i was waiting for them to come to the door i scraped off the price tag as quickly as i could. they never answered and i went home. my mom caught me with it (i must have been wearing it) and i got into trouble. i told her that i needed it to learn how to tell time. my dad drove me back to the store and made me apologize. if my memory serves me correctly, the store clerk didn't seem to care that i had taken the watch. this made me feel like stealing is okay.