Tuesday, May 11, 2010

does this make me a bad person?

several (six-ish) weeks ago i was perusing websites looking at cars (because the melting plastic smell my car is currently making isn't very encouraging) and i accidently submitted an inquiry to a dealership. said dealership now calls or emails me (or both) everyday to ask me about it.

and i never answer my phone or call them back.

one time i replied to an email apologizing for wasting their time and explaining that i wasn't interested in buying a car. but they haven't given up, they just keep calling and calling.

i know that i could easily just answer my phone, do us both a favor and end this. but i feel like this has been going on for so long that i kind of want to see who gives in first.

i can tell you this much: it's not going to be me.

good luck sydney at brent brown toyota.


Anonymous said...
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*Mars* said...

I always ignore those peeps! I hate when you just want to LOOK but then after you are bombarded with phone calls & e-mails. So annoying! But then again, if I was on that side, I'd do anything I could to get a sale too...hence why I'm not in sales. No thanks to pestering people :) HAPPY LATE BIRTHDAY TOO!