Friday, February 27, 2009

have you seen this?

please tell me you have seen the secret life of bees. this movie is amazing. i read the book a couple years ago and thought that it too was amazing, but the movie just affected me so much more - probably because i am a visual person. i saw the movie twice in the theater (big deal when you're poor) and rented it the week it came out on dvd. i thought it was well cast which is surprising because i don't really like queen latifa or alicia keys, but they all played their parts so well, especially dakota fanning. i am so impressed by dakota, she is such a good little actress. she has this presence in a movie that is remarkable for only being 15 years old and she has been that way ever since she started acting. she reminds me of my niece, so maybe i am a little biased. anyway, the movie is wonderful. if you haven't seen it, please do - it will make you feel so good inside. you will want to cry the entire movie and if you're like me, you will cry through the entire movie.

i don't want to spoil anything, so i will just tell you this - moral of the story: everyone deserves to be loved.

anyone else as mesmerized with this movie as i am?

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

heat wave

a funny thing happens in provo this time of year.  on the days that it gets above 40 degrees, everyone goes mad.  people are outside, everywhere.  campus is booming with people sitting outside, throwing around footballs, laying on the grass (if they can find any spots without snow), and i can almost guarantee there are some people laying out at the king henry pool.   i remember around this time my freshman year, helaman halls was constantly filled with people doing whatever they could to enjoy the "warm" weather.  

and then all of a sudden, summer clothing appears.  in february.  yes, the warmth is glorious.  but seriously, why are all these people wearing short sleeves, capris/shorts, and flip flops?  are they slightly delusional?  it is still winter people and i hate to break it to you, but you kind of look like a fool.  maybe it's just me, but i am a strong believer in dressing according to the season.  50 degrees just does not mean you can wear shorts.  maybe i feel this way because i had a sane mother who wouldn't let us wear shorts until it got to at least 65.  don't get me wrong, i love not having to wear a coat and just wearing a light jacket.  i love taking the slightly longer way to class because i am not freezing my butt off.  i love that i don't have to run to buildings from my car to avoid the cold.  i love feeling the sun on my skin.  but really?  shorts?  how are you not freezing?  is it because you're from utah and everyone that lives here worships california and likes to pretend they are there?  i just don't get it.  am i the only one that is bothered by this?

Saturday, February 21, 2009


happy belated birthday pudge!  i can't believe you turned 1 on january 26th and i completely apologies.  here's to another year of glorious blogging!

Friday, February 20, 2009

daily dose of preciousness.

i came across the cutest website today,  when i first saw the name i thought, "oh great, another mod/modesty company."  but it's not a modesty company.  "mod" refers to the mod fashion movement and the company's clothes are "retro, indie and vintage."  anyhoozies, the clothes were so precious and somewhat moderately priced, still outside of my starving student budget, but a girl can dream right?  here are some of my favorites...
doesn't this top just scream "PAIGE"???  i need it.

if i had my ears pierced, i would definitely wear these little numbers.

i have a sickening obsession with plaid.

i would recommend listening to "la vie en rose" by edith piaf while perusing the site to enhance your experience, i know it made me feel rather precious.

Monday, February 16, 2009

definitely obsessed.

last summer my family was up at my grandparents' home for father's day. since the babies aren't all together very often now, i decided to follow them around with my 35 mm and snap away. they are all just too precious.

grayson alexander

london diane

afton elle

scarlett anne

rheagan coralie

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

police beat

in my four years at byu, i have rarely read the daily universe and the five times i have actually picked it up all i do is read the police beat. if you aren't familiar with the police beat, it is this section in byu's newspaper (the daily universe) that talks about all the ridiculous things that people call the campus police about. here are some highlights from today's police beat...

misdirected call: A professor received a call from an unknown male party at his office. the young male was upset at his girlfriend about an illicit affair and started swearing. it appeared he had the wrong number.

nuisance: police received a call from a professor in the jfsb who reported hearing a noise sounding like a horn every 15 minutes. other professors said the noise sounded like a bird, superman and a race car. the sound turned out to be an air conditioning issue.

welfare check: an officer received a dispatch about a person sleeping on a metal grate between the hinckley center and tanner building at 6 a.m. the man said he was leaving town and the officer asked him if he needed help.

unfounded theft: a student reported his vehicle missing but later discovered it in a different parking lot.

click here to see the best of the police beat for last semester. i dare you not to laugh out loud.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

turn me loose

please tell me you have seen the movie wet hot american summer. it is incredibly random, awkward, inappropriate and hilarious. unfortunately it is rated r (i promise i watched it in my past life before i gave up r-rated movies) so i guess i can't really recommend you watch it, unless you do watch r-rated movies, then by all means. this is by far the greatest scene in the movie and there is nothing inappropriate about it, so enjoy. oh, and if you haven't seen this before it most definitely will change your life. pay close attention to the guy on the motorcycle, especially when he gets to the haystack.

eryn--thank you for bringing it into my life oh so many years ago.

if you are like me and are longing for summer, i would recommend the movie meatballs to appropriately satisfy your need for a movie about a summer camp in the 70s. heavyweights is also always a great summer camp movie too. why is it not summer and why was i never a camp counselor? maybe that's what i'll do this summer...

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

honestly, how could you resist?

dear john krasinski,

remember how on sunday night's special episode of the office jim was all precious and broke up pam's parents' marriage because he loves pam so much?   remember how you and jim halpert are pretty much the same person?  please tell me you are.  remember how i'm in love with you?