Wednesday, February 11, 2009

police beat

in my four years at byu, i have rarely read the daily universe and the five times i have actually picked it up all i do is read the police beat. if you aren't familiar with the police beat, it is this section in byu's newspaper (the daily universe) that talks about all the ridiculous things that people call the campus police about. here are some highlights from today's police beat...

misdirected call: A professor received a call from an unknown male party at his office. the young male was upset at his girlfriend about an illicit affair and started swearing. it appeared he had the wrong number.

nuisance: police received a call from a professor in the jfsb who reported hearing a noise sounding like a horn every 15 minutes. other professors said the noise sounded like a bird, superman and a race car. the sound turned out to be an air conditioning issue.

welfare check: an officer received a dispatch about a person sleeping on a metal grate between the hinckley center and tanner building at 6 a.m. the man said he was leaving town and the officer asked him if he needed help.

unfounded theft: a student reported his vehicle missing but later discovered it in a different parking lot.

click here to see the best of the police beat for last semester. i dare you not to laugh out loud.


shea said...

I liked the welfare check

BEAZER said...

your right, i laughed

mickelle said...

ohh byu, always good for a laugh

Alex said...

your blog header is sensational. i need to be taught your artsy ways. xo