Monday, February 16, 2009

definitely obsessed.

last summer my family was up at my grandparents' home for father's day. since the babies aren't all together very often now, i decided to follow them around with my 35 mm and snap away. they are all just too precious.

grayson alexander

london diane

afton elle

scarlett anne

rheagan coralie


Linds said...

Precious. just Precious. Thanks for giving me something to look at, at work.

Afton or Brooke said...

i love, love, love those pics! thanks for coming up to see us this weekend!

shea said...

they are beautiful children

BEAZER said...

Belize said...

Hi paige! Belize here. remember me? i found your blog off of sarah's.what a fun blog you have! i love your pictures too.