Wednesday, February 4, 2009

honestly, how could you resist?

dear john krasinski,

remember how on sunday night's special episode of the office jim was all precious and broke up pam's parents' marriage because he loves pam so much?   remember how you and jim halpert are pretty much the same person?  please tell me you are.  remember how i'm in love with you?



Alex said...

Yeah, I agree...I'm ridiculously jealous of Emily Blunt...the adorable tramp who dates him ;)

bethany.j said...

dang that's a good ad. hello. and what the heck, emily gets buble and krasinski?

BEAZER said...

Dear Paige,

I'm surprised that someone likes me despite the fact I cover my pointy elf ears with my greasy hair and I have the funkiest eyebrows of anyone I know. Not to mention my character on the office is sort of a girl. Good thing you don't know how much of a jerk I am in real life. I'm flattered.


p.s. - what was I thinking? I should have stuck with Karen.

megan thomas said...

Paige, your killing me. I love your love for Jim. Will you resend me your email? I cant find it.