Thursday, November 11, 2010

in case you didn't know

...i'm getting my wisdom teeth out today.
in sixty-seven minutes to be exact.

i'm slightly terrified.

words of encouragement greatly appreciated.

***update: removal went well. recovery is going well.***
surprisingly well, a little too well.
thanks for the words of encouragement.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

a summary of october in pictures

so my dad gave me his old iphone a few weeks ago. one of the great things about the iphone is that now i can send and receive pictures...hooray! the following is the photographic evidence of my life the past month.

i went down to st. george with these lovelies one weekend...
we rode 4 wheelers, shot guns, ate good food, slept and watched movies.
oh, and i tamed this beast...

i downloaded a polaroid app and you could say i'm a little obsessed.
AND i started wearing earrings.
well, clip on earrings since i still don't think i'm ready for pierced ears.

brooke gave me her old fur bedding. it is so cozy. and classy.

now i can get precious pictures of my colorado babies.

if i'm not all that busy at work i get a little tired. and bored.
one of my projects that i have given myself is to assemble ligature samples.
i may have escalated to drinking rockstars. we had all of these just sitting around the office and i've just been so tired and they are starting to taste good to me and not just like fruit/vomit/bubble gum anymore.

well...there you have it. paige's life from the camera roll on her iphone.

you may have noticed...

...the lack of posting on this blog as of late.

i don't really have an explanation for it.
BUT you should prepare yourself for one of those catch-up posts.

Monday, November 1, 2010

scout's honor

as i'm sure you are aware...halloween was last week. andie (get it: andrea + boy scout = andie. i kill myself) and i decided to be boy/cub scouts for halloween.
aren't we just precious?
*note the bloody handprint behind andrea.
we ran into a fellow scouter at the ward halloween party.
i guess he's supposed to be the kid from up.
and i made these brain cupcakes.
they were devil's food. i know, i'm so clever.