Monday, November 1, 2010

scout's honor

as i'm sure you are aware...halloween was last week. andie (get it: andrea + boy scout = andie. i kill myself) and i decided to be boy/cub scouts for halloween.
aren't we just precious?
*note the bloody handprint behind andrea.
we ran into a fellow scouter at the ward halloween party.
i guess he's supposed to be the kid from up.
and i made these brain cupcakes.
they were devil's food. i know, i'm so clever.


*AnDIe* said...

A. we are the hottest boy scouts ever.

B. that was an ingenious costume idea

C. those cupcakes were delicious (adding in the guittard chocolate chips really just put them over the top)...and they really did look just like brains. gross.

Mars said...

your costumes. Awesome
those cupcakes. awesome! and kinda creepy in a way (only because I've had to dissect numberous brains and well...that reminds me of that except I'm sure yours were yummy). So clever though!

Linds said...

haha paige in the picture with the guy from the look slightly pissed off. and your hair looks fantastic.

Jill said...