Thursday, November 11, 2010

in case you didn't know

...i'm getting my wisdom teeth out today.
in sixty-seven minutes to be exact.

i'm slightly terrified.

words of encouragement greatly appreciated.

***update: removal went well. recovery is going well.***
surprisingly well, a little too well.
thanks for the words of encouragement.


Mars said...

Good luck! You'll be fine. In fact, when I got mine out, I went to the mall afterwards on the way home lol. Granted I had swollen cheeks, but really, it was shopping. Nothing like retail therapy :)

Jennifer Lane said...

You'll do great!

Jenni said...

OWWWWW. That might be in my top 10 worst experiences thus far in my life. I feel for you. And I know these aren't words of encouragement but hopefully yours doesn't hurt that bad. And whatever you do, don't brush your teeth prematurely. It will only be to your demise. (I know that sounds gross, but seriously haha.)

Mckenzi and Matthew said...

Im glad you are ok! Love you!

Linds said...

well...i think another post is WAY OVERDUE!

BEAZER said...

i'm going to assume you died right after this major surgery. hence the death of the blog.