Monday, May 26, 2008

new obsession

last september, my sister shea told me that i needed to read the twilight series because she was obsessed with it and thinks it is amazing, etc. so last week i decided it was time to read it because one of my goals this summer is to read more books. i read twilight in 3 days, i have never in my life read a book in three days--i'm not a big reader, especially for leisure. i am now reading the second book and i can't stop, i am obsessed. is it awkward that i am entranced by a book about a 17 year old that is in love with a vampire? maybe. i just love that edward and i have found my self fantasizing about having a vampire for a boyfriend. all day when i'm at work i just want to go home so i can read, these books have consumed my life. oh my, this is so absurd.

also, i haven't had a chance to write anything about the office good! i was a little disappointed that andy ruined jim's litte plan, but at the same time i thought it would have been a little lame for jim to propose to pam at an office party. the whole episode was hilarious. this new holly character is probably the best thing to ever happen to michael since they are the same person. my favorite part was when holly was talking to kevin and he said "i do the numbers." genius. it really made up for the past few episodes which were good, but not quite as good as we are accustomed to.

Sunday, May 18, 2008

it's official...

...i'm an adult. i turned 21 last week (on the 14th) and it was a really good birthday. i went home to colorado for the week to celebrate my birthday, and mother's day too. on the big day my lovely sister shea highlighted my hair and then my mama made a delicious dinner and dessert. my mom, dad, brother (nash), and my sister's (shea) family came over for the festivities.

chicken piccata is my all time favorite, i've had it for my birthday dinner the last three years.

blowin out the candles, so attractive. this pie will seriously change your life.

celebratin with my peeps

last night i was back in provo, so to celebrate my birthday we went to the pool, out to dinner at red robin (for the delicious chocolate cake they give you on your birthday) and to the drive-in. it was such a fun day and i want to say thank you to everyone for making this an awesome birthday!

Wednesday, May 7, 2008


i was talking to my sister eryn yesterday and she told me to watch the music video for m.i.a.'s song "paper planes." the video is pretty much ridiculous and i am OBSESSED with this song now. i downloaded it after i talked to her and have been listening to it over and over for the past 24 hours. love it.

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

changing things up

spring is a time for change and since i am not taking classes right now and just working, i have had some time to do the things that i have been wanting to do but didn't have time to do during the semester. i was sick of all the pictures on the wall behind my desk, so i decided to get some cool paper and put it up on the wall for a nice, clean background. the pictures were just too overwhelming and i hate to admit it, but a little juvenile. i also moved my printer under my desk to create more space (my roommate lindsey suggested i move it). i am pretty pleased with the transformation.