Thursday, July 28, 2011

so i just got a text message

from at&t and now i'm irritated.

the text said something about the new unlimited text messaging plan that now includes free calling to any mobile phone. you probably got this text too? so i go to the website and it is the same price and everything so i'm thinking, "that's pretty nice, maybe they will finally let me drop my minutes and just have this plan."


i called at&t to ask them about it and this is why i am frustrated. you are required (no way around it) to have a calling plan, so i have the minimum of 450 minutes (unless you are a senior citizen, which they won't let me be), with rollover and 5,000 night/weekend minutes ($40). since my generation doesn't talk on the phone, the people i do talk to have at&t and because of the rollover, i have thousands of minutes that i will never use. i also have unlimited text messaging ($20)and since i have an iphone, i have to have data so i just have the lowest one ($15). with all the other fees, i pay $85 a month. i find this to be incredibly absurd.

i should really only be paying $35 + fees every month. i am throwing $50 down the drain every single month for minutes i don't even want. that is $600 a year. six HUNDRED dollars!

then i see commercials for all these other cell phone companies like virgin mobile that are unlimited everything for only $50. FIFTY DOLLARS!!! and you don't even have to do a contract!

but oh wait, i can't change even if i wanted to because at&t is run by the devil and i am locked in with a two year contract.


Tuesday, July 26, 2011

been missin this guy

so my brother nash is serving a mission in mexico for our church.

i miss him.
aren't we just adorable?!?

i missed him before, especially when i was the only child at home for christmas last year. but i really miss him now. he sent these pictures a couple weeks ago and all at once it really hit me, how much i miss him. i was fighting back tears while i was looking at the precious pictures and i thought "well, i guess i miss nash a lot now."
this is one of his favorite members. adorable.
he hit his one year mark last week, so we're half way. i hope it goes by quickly.

love you, nas gas.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

call me crazy, but...

i think justin bieber needs to fire his stylist.
i have no problems with the biebs but i seriously thought this was a girl with a pixie haircut wearing a pink suit. don't you think his stylist should be a little more sensitive to that? like instead of accentuating his delicate, petite frame and pretty features they should maybe try to dress him like a man? a boy even?

or is that just me?

Sunday, July 10, 2011

doin' it like a thomas

the thomas family gets together every other year at a different location and it is a lot of people and a lot of fun. this year we were in oceanside, california. it was so great to be with everyone but i had to leave the reunion early and sadly didn't get very many pictures of my family, which is the most important part! what was i thinking?! i apparently wasn't.

my reunion shirt. pretty much awesome.
the view from our condo.
the first two days were spent at the beach.
cousins kennedi and kolby
aunt lori, sister shea, niece london
for day 3 we drove up to balboa island. it is just too precious.
quick shot of the san diego temple on my way to the airport.

aren't families just the greatest?
i know mine is.

well hello there, lake powell.

i got to go to lake powell in june! i went with my sister, shea's family and their friends. it was a good time. though i will say that 13 children on a houseboat is a little more than i can handle... but still, lake powell is just wonderful.
i cannot believe london is 10 1/2.
it kills me that my baby is growing up.
this one (and rheagan too) is full of sass. and it's adorable.
this little boy was so precious. he was so polite and friendly. probably the coolest 10 year old boy i have ever met.
yeah... this is what our water around the houseboat looked like... nasty!
playing with my babies, rheagan and scarlett.
gotta love lake powell hair! and face...
nothing better than family and sun. which leads me to my next vacation, the thomas family reunion!