Sunday, July 10, 2011

well hello there, lake powell.

i got to go to lake powell in june! i went with my sister, shea's family and their friends. it was a good time. though i will say that 13 children on a houseboat is a little more than i can handle... but still, lake powell is just wonderful.
i cannot believe london is 10 1/2.
it kills me that my baby is growing up.
this one (and rheagan too) is full of sass. and it's adorable.
this little boy was so precious. he was so polite and friendly. probably the coolest 10 year old boy i have ever met.
yeah... this is what our water around the houseboat looked like... nasty!
playing with my babies, rheagan and scarlett.
gotta love lake powell hair! and face...
nothing better than family and sun. which leads me to my next vacation, the thomas family reunion!

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