Monday, June 20, 2011

milne, bond milne.

everyone just keeps asking and asking me to put up pictures of bond. all right, all right, i'll put them up.

that was actually all a lie. no one has done anything of the sort, but i know that everyone is secretly wanting to see bond's gloriously chubby cheeks. and hands. and tummy. and thighs. oh and his luscious hair too.

brooke (his real mother) sent me this picture of him yesterday:
seriously? i just can't get enough of this kid.

remember how he looked like this just over two months ago?
i really feel bad for you that you never get to cuddle him.
but then i suppose i'd have to share and i've never been very good at that.


Mars said...

his cheeks, his tummy, and his hair!! I want to squeeze him! he's so cute :)

*AnDIe* said...

so precious!!! request: please update again soon.