Monday, June 29, 2009

it's monday...

...and we all want to die, right? it was especially difficult for me to get up this morning and i imagine it was for you too, as it is on most mondays.

but guess what. friday is the 3rd of july which means that i don't have to work (and i'm assuming you don't either) that day, this is a four day week and you know what else it means??? the next day is the 4th of july which is the day we celebrate our nations independence! and how do we celebrate it? with parades, picnics, barbecues and best of all - fireworks. i don't know about you, but all those things are making this monday morning look a little better because of all the gloriousness we have to look forward to.
and here's another reason to be happy today...
this is pudge's 100th post!

so sit back, light up (or don't, actually please don't) and enjoy your monday now that you have all these reasons to celebrate.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

yes indeedy

i don't know if you've listened to the lyrics in any of lady gaga's songs...but she is just such a classy classy lady. especially in her "love game" song where she talks about her special education and a disco stick.

so, way to go lady gaga. please keep impressing us with your ladylikeness. i know i really appreciate the way you represent ladies everywhere.

***thank you holly for the picture, it's priceless.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

dear jim halpert,

it is no secret that i love you and the office. but i need to tell you that i have been having an affair with arrested development.

i don't know what happened...i was on hulu one day and next thing i knew i had queued all of season one. i started watching it late at night and i really really liked it. to be fair, i did watch arrested development before you came along, but then you stole me away and the show got cancelled. it is pretty hard to resist - the writing is incredibly clever, michael cera is just so precious, and i am kind of developing crushes on jason bateman and will arnett. i hate to admit it, but i'm gonna have to agree with alex beazer...arrested development is funnier than the office. there, i said it.

i still love you with all my heart, but your writers just really didn't cut it this season. i am sorry, but unless some big changes are made i think the office has one more season left, two tops.

jim, regardless of what happens with your show, you will still be my ideal and i will love you forever.


Thursday, June 18, 2009


remember in high school how you were always afraid of falling on the stairs? especially those stairs in the common area where people were always standing?

i was walking up the cement stairs by the bell tower on campus today and totally ate it. i didn't just trip, i was literally on the ground, in pain. the girl that was behind me was like, "whoa! are you okay?" the alarm in her "whoa!" didn't really help the situation. i just laughed awkwardly and said that i was fine. it was like high school all over again and i felt retarded just like i often did in high school. one time i was walking down the stairs during my senior year and missed a step causing me to land right on my knees. fortunately for me this was during passing period and one of my friends saw me and yelled, "oh my gosh, that is so embarrassing!" i promptly stood up and said "it's cool, nothing to see."

so everyone, in case you were wondering, i am just as awkward today as i was in high school.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

don't you wish you could hang out with this preciousness everyday?

i spent a few days in provo last week and when i came home afton asked me what i did while i was at my apartment and i just said that i worked and hung out with my friends.  then she said, "well i sure missed ya."

after our morning workout on saturday, afton informed me that i smell like roll-up pancakes. then grayson had to smell me to confirm and said, "oh, you do smell like roll-up pancakes." they're probably right, i do love those crepes - especially with the strawberry jam i made at enrichment last week.  delicious.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

i've made up my mind

i know it's not june 23rd, but i have made my decision.  

i am going to grow out my hair.  what persuaded me you say?  four words: sandra bullock + the proposal.  i went to the sneak preview last night and her hair was so luscious.  it is really long and the color is amazing - dark brown with caramel and copperish highlights.  she wore it in all these cute ponytails and when it was down it was slightly wavy and gorgeous.  i am going to color my hair like hers when i go home in july (if shea is willing) and hopefully in a year my hair will be as long (i wish it could happen sooner) as hers.  i feel at peace now, having made my decision.  i'll cut my hair super short one day, perhaps when my face has thinned out and i don't look like such a baby.

and yes, the proposal was really good.  it was quite hilarious and had a nice little spin on the typical romantic comedy.  and of course, ryan reynolds is so foxy that i can barely stand it.  i would highly recommend seeing it when it comes out this friday.

*on a side note, who else is a little aggravated by all this cloudy/rainy weather in utah?  i love rain, but not when it interferes with my plans of becoming a bronze goddess.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

for your listening pleasure

i was in forever 21 the other day and heard this song and fell in love.  i asked the girl working if she knew who it was - i even did the beat for her, which may not have been very helpful - and she didn't know.  i thought that it kind of sounded like calvin harris, so i did some research.  low and behold i had on my computer the whole time.  perhaps that's why i liked it so much.

do yourself a favor and listen to this song.  who knows? maybe it will change your life.  

Thursday, June 11, 2009

the results are in

it seems that most people think that i should not cut my hair, apparently some people feel very strongly about it.  i am thinking i will most likely just grow it out because i'm not gonna lie, i do miss my long and sort of luscious hair.  but i kind of want to do something drastic.  what to do, what to do?

on june 23rd i will have made my final decision...stay tuned.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

i need your opinion.

i am considerring cutting my hair and cutting it short. i cannot make up my mind. do i grow it out so it is long and luscious, keep it the way it is, or chop it all off? these are the styles that i like...

so...what's the verdict? i need everyone to leave a comment and vote on what they think would look best on me. i think the katie holmes and selma blair styles are a little safe and i think the audrey hepburn and twiggy styles are just precious but i'm kind of scared to cut all my hair off. or do i just be boring and grow it out? i can't make this decision alone so let me know what you think.