Sunday, June 14, 2009

i've made up my mind

i know it's not june 23rd, but i have made my decision.  

i am going to grow out my hair.  what persuaded me you say?  four words: sandra bullock + the proposal.  i went to the sneak preview last night and her hair was so luscious.  it is really long and the color is amazing - dark brown with caramel and copperish highlights.  she wore it in all these cute ponytails and when it was down it was slightly wavy and gorgeous.  i am going to color my hair like hers when i go home in july (if shea is willing) and hopefully in a year my hair will be as long (i wish it could happen sooner) as hers.  i feel at peace now, having made my decision.  i'll cut my hair super short one day, perhaps when my face has thinned out and i don't look like such a baby.

and yes, the proposal was really good.  it was quite hilarious and had a nice little spin on the typical romantic comedy.  and of course, ryan reynolds is so foxy that i can barely stand it.  i would highly recommend seeing it when it comes out this friday.

*on a side note, who else is a little aggravated by all this cloudy/rainy weather in utah?  i love rain, but not when it interferes with my plans of becoming a bronze goddess.

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Mauri said...

I'm sure your hair will look amazing long or short. I looked at your post below & I think super short hair would be absolutely adorable on you! But as a life long long haired gal, I can see how you'd want the long hair. Good luck! And I'm jealous you saw the sneak preview of the Proposal! I can't wait to see it!