Thursday, June 18, 2009


remember in high school how you were always afraid of falling on the stairs? especially those stairs in the common area where people were always standing?

i was walking up the cement stairs by the bell tower on campus today and totally ate it. i didn't just trip, i was literally on the ground, in pain. the girl that was behind me was like, "whoa! are you okay?" the alarm in her "whoa!" didn't really help the situation. i just laughed awkwardly and said that i was fine. it was like high school all over again and i felt retarded just like i often did in high school. one time i was walking down the stairs during my senior year and missed a step causing me to land right on my knees. fortunately for me this was during passing period and one of my friends saw me and yelled, "oh my gosh, that is so embarrassing!" i promptly stood up and said "it's cool, nothing to see."

so everyone, in case you were wondering, i am just as awkward today as i was in high school.


mickelle said...

HAHAHA. thats awesome. i just wish i could have seen it.

Alexandra said...

yeayuh! freshman year, I tripped and spilled about 5 books coming up on that last stair before you hit the security guard desks in the HBLL. it was amazing. and at high noon, no less. and i had my ipod in, trying to be cool, but of course, the ear buds fell out in the jumble. nice. love awkwardness.

Jason + Sarah said...

oh my gosh, so awkward. good thing you can laugh at yourself!

Denise said...

Man, too funny!! Took me back to the time I fell in front of the Marriott LOLOL Happy to hear you can laugh like me!!