Tuesday, June 23, 2009

dear jim halpert,

it is no secret that i love you and the office. but i need to tell you that i have been having an affair with arrested development.

i don't know what happened...i was on hulu one day and next thing i knew i had queued all of season one. i started watching it late at night and i really really liked it. to be fair, i did watch arrested development before you came along, but then you stole me away and the show got cancelled. it is pretty hard to resist - the writing is incredibly clever, michael cera is just so precious, and i am kind of developing crushes on jason bateman and will arnett. i hate to admit it, but i'm gonna have to agree with alex beazer...arrested development is funnier than the office. there, i said it.

i still love you with all my heart, but your writers just really didn't cut it this season. i am sorry, but unless some big changes are made i think the office has one more season left, two tops.

jim, regardless of what happens with your show, you will still be my ideal and i will love you forever.



mickelle said...

arrested development is the best thing that has ever happened to tv. loooooove it!

BEAZER said...

haha you have a crush on gob? its the segway isn't it. no love for tobias or buster, COME ON. and jason bateman is good but he just sticks his chin up way too much.

becky said...

These guys are all losers. Jim Halpert included. Sorry Paige. I'm hoping a TV show with characters you can care about and respect will come along and last for more than half a season.