Wednesday, November 11, 2009

old lady pudge

so i was in my patternmaking class yesterday and i had the following conversation with a girl in my class...

girl: my birthday is in may (she was talking to another girl and i interrupted)
me: mine is too, what day is yours?
girl: the fourth
me: oh, mine is the fourteenth, precious.
girl: i'll be twenty-one, how old will you be?
me: i'll be twenty-three.
girl: what?! (in a shocked voice)
everyone around us: wait, you're how old????
me: i'm twenty-two right now but i'll be twenty-three in may.
everyone around us: seriously? wow.
girl: well, you look really good!
me: thank you...?

you look really good? since when were almost-twenty-three-year-olds supposed to look aged and ancient? i have never felt so old in my entire life. mind you probably half of the girls in my class are married and apparently a lot younger than almost-twenty-three.

on a somewhat related half birthday is on saturday and i love presents. just gonna put it out there.


Elissa said...

this comment seriously depresses me seeing how I am already 23 and counting. I think girls at BYU are supposed to stay in the 19-21 range whereas guys can range from 21-27.

Holly said...

ohhh paige! this brought up two great memeories of mine! i hope you don't mind that i'll have a similar post on my blog soon...and i will give you props of course.

Afton or Brooke said...

i am so glad you labeled this under "awkwardness". cause it is.

Alexandra said...

i will never ever understand provo. seriously, you have my permission to slap that girl. ugh. asinine.

ps: you are beautiful too.

pss: what's the drew update?? ;)

martha said...

i hope you responded with something like, "i hope you look this good in 2 years too. i can already see some wrinkles coming in around your eyes."

Holly said...

ok, commenting again because i'm a creeper...and martha's comment made me freaking lol.

mickelle said...

haha! i feel ya. the other day i was with some people and they were talking about the reasons they didn't like a particular girl, one of them being: "she's 23 and she's still doing her undergrad!!" i was like...umm i'm 23 and still doing my undergrad?? is it really THAT weird?? come on people!

Mauri said...

Wow seriously, that is the one thing I strongly dislike about Provo. If you're over 21 & not married there is like something wrong with you. Like you're OLD. Weird. I don't like it. Dumb girl. I just turned 24 & I'm not married so I must be an old hag. Wtf?

Did you get any half birthday presents? Because if you did that would be cool. I had a friend who would get a half birthday cake & part of a present on her half birthday. I think it's cool. Half birthdays should totally be celebrated!