Monday, November 9, 2009

passion pit

martha, alex, and i went to the passion pit concert in salt lake a month-ish ago and it was glorious.
alex has been asking for these pictures for weeks. here you go, princess.

there was some (and by some i mean a lot of) waiting time...
so we proceeded to take pictures of ourselves.

my friend kyle appeared behind us. small world.

this roadie was precious and jewish = pudge love.

i tried to seduce the lead singer with my eyes the whole time, with little to no success.

"the reeling" was the last song that they played and my favorite. the energy was amazing when they played this song. love it.

The Reeling - Passion Pit


Alexandra said...

ooh speaking of princesses, I love the tyra banks reference of seducing with your eyes...actually, wait, its
'smiling' with them. but let's be honest, same thing.

martha said...

oh my gosh, that concert was incredible, and thanks for the pics - i feel like i just relived some of the Passion Pit glory we were blessed to behold. *ahh

that first picture of alex is still the best of the bunch. bless you and your camera for giving us something to do while we waited.

BEAZER said...

finally: a post worth my time.

p.s. just kidding. i know you're sensitive.

BEAZER said...

and that's mr. princess to you.

TJL said...

I love the Pit of Passion. Kyle looks creepy in that picture, but I guess that's not surprising.