Tuesday, November 10, 2009

sixth grade preciousness

i was just heard the song "my girl" by the temptaions and had a flashback to sixth grade.

drew tooley was the first boyfriend i ever had (unless you count kindergarten) and he was the best.

i swear i babysat nash like every weekend and drew would always call me while we were watching tgif. i have no idea what we talked about, but we would talk for extended periods of time - which is really impressive for sixth grade.

for christmas he gave me all this jewelry and body spray. i had no idea what to give him, so i gave him glow-in-the-dark dinosaurs or something. it was lame. he had his new girlfriend call and dump me at my friend's birthday party a few months later and i am pretty sure i cried. we took a picture of me dumping the body spray he gave me as if that would hurt him or something.

at the dare skate night, we went around the rink holding hands and i was terrified. he bought me an icee that night too.

for valentine's i gave him a box of candy and his mom brought me half a dozen roses, a teddy bear and hershey kisses because he was at home sick that day.

on fridays in our music class we could do little performances. one friday he got up there with his friends who were also going out with my friends and they sang "my girl" to us. it was so incredibly precious and i am almost positive that i thought it was lame. oh twelve year old pudge, so much to learn.

i can't believe i remember all that stuff from ten years ago. apparently drew was the love of my life. too bad it didn't last. too bad.

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Alexandra said...

please reignite the flame with this drew character. he sounds lovely.

(my first great crush has been in rehab twice. can you say winner!)