Tuesday, November 17, 2009

i wish today was wednesday.

wanna know why?

because wednesday is the day that modern family comes on. if you haven't been watching this show, you're really missing out. it's time you started living your life by watching it. who knows? it just may change your life.

i love it for one reason and one reason only: pure hilarity.

watch this clip. now. you won't regret it.

now wasn't that hilarious? you're welcome. and that's not even the funniest clip out there.

wednesday night. 8:00. abc.


Holly said...

i love that program with my whole heart.

BEAZER said...

is that the "HAPPY LOOK OUT AAAHHHKK" woman???

paige said...

"beazer," it sure is. now you really want to watch it, don't you?

Jason + Sarah said...

we love this show now! so funny!