Thursday, November 12, 2009

an ode to my sister, eryn.

when i was younger we had a fascination with making our own talk shows. my sister eryn is an evil genius and was usually the orchestrator of these talk shows. i can remember one talk show that we did quite vividly.

i am fairly confident that i was like seven years old which would make eryn nine and nash three, these are the key players in this story. nash was a very beautiful child and one of our favorite pastimes was to dress him up like a girl. he really did make a very pretty girl with his precious little curls.

eryn's vision for this talk show included nash being eleanor roosevelt. we told him that she was a man and not to worry, men wore skirts and makeup at that time. he was just a pup so he believed us.

we got nash all pretty and then we went down to the living room to film the talk show. eryn was the host and after eleanor was done with her (i mean his) interview it was my turn. it seems i wasn't aware of who i was going to be prior to my interview and when i sat down i was apparently shel silverstien. the first thing eryn says to me is "so shel, how does it feel to be so unattractive?" (while holding up the back of one of his books) and i just sat there staring at her and probably said something to the effect of "that's not what i look like." while eryn laughed hysterically. and that's all i remember.

and that is why my sister eryn is a crazy, hilarious, evil genius and i love her for it.

rest in peace shel, rest in peace.


Afton or Brooke said...

I was seriously laughing so hard at this post. I guess I was mia because i have no recollection. Did Shel die? Where have I been. Oh, Eryn, why don't you live here!?

shea said...

That story never gets old, I'm laughing so hard I almost wet my pants and I have tears. I remember this, was I filming?
I had Ian read this - he didn't laugh nearly as hard. I guess its Thomas Humor

bethany said...

soo cute, sisters are the best. and knowing how much eryn made me laugh at girls camp alone, i can only imagine how much fun you guys had together. what the heck is she up to? this post inspired me to find her on facebook, thankyouverymuch!

paige said...

we need to find the tape of this, i know there was a camera involved and shea, you must have been filming. we need to dress grayson up like a girl over thanksgiving, he is definitely pretty enough.

Mauri said...

I love those books. Did shel really die?!

This makes me laugh & makes me wish I had sisters. I remember staying at your house once when my parents were out of town & I thought you & your sisters were seriously so cool! Nash was really little & I remember you guys would call him nash potatoes haha. I don't even remember what we did at your house but prety sure I felt cool.